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With London 2012 pumping along, MJ WAYLAND ponders some stories relating to Olympic Ghosts!

Almost tongue in cheek I decided to tweet a day of ghost stories related to the Olympics, I’ve often tweeted stories about Scottish ghosts, Strange USA etc so why not #olympicghosts ?

So what started as a half-jape I actually uncovered two very strange ghost stories that do relate to Olympians!

The first story I uncovered took place on 8th September 1908 and describes an Olympic wrestler who ‘lays’ O’Grady’s ghost. According to the Manchester Courier a house on Sykes Street Hull had built up a reputation of ‘uncanny manifestations’.

The house on Sykes Street seemingly belonged to a man called “O’Grady” or maybe it was his ghost? And a range of phenomena had been reported including tapping on the wall, ornaments, pots and pans being thrown and also “a blacklead tin that was thrown at PC Hinds”.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. The House in Hull was rented by the O'Grady family who, it was reported in the Hull press, had recently lost a brother, hence it was O'Grady's ghost. I researched the case for my book on Hull ghosts and incovered the family in both the Census and Trade Directories. The case was reported in all the Hull Newspapers, and actually made it as far afield as the Austrlian press! There was no satisfactory outcome to the case and the stone throwing was never reported again after the initial 1908 flap. Constable O'Kelly did not lay the ghost to rest, as the articles claim, but merely turned up after the family reported having objects thrown at them. He was looking for a culprit but admitted to the press that he was at a loss to explain the activity.

  2. Wonder if Luke Campbell fancies a night ghostbusting 'monks' on Wincolmlee!! ;-) hehe

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