St Rumwold, England’s Baby Saint

St Rumwold

Spooky Saints

‘I am a Christian!’ declares babe-in-arms. This week JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us about St Rumwold – the baby saint who only lived for three days.

A child’s first words are often one of the most important moments for any parent.  However when 7th century infant,  St Rumwold first opened his mouth and declared in Latin, ‘I am a Christian!’ you can be assured that his pagan parents were more than a little surprised.

Born in AD 662 in Northamptonshire, St Rumwold only lived for three days. Yet during this time and from the very moment of his birth, he began to evangelise to any and everyone who surrounded his cot.

Author: The Spooky Isles

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  1. Interesting, poor Rumwold. Only three days old and talking but seems no one listened.

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