DAVID SAUNDERSON counts down to Christmas with another 1970s paranormal TV show – Beasts: Special Offer (1976),
Nigel Kneale was one of the greatest British television writers of all time. So picking Beasts: Special Offer (1976) as tonight’s Horror Advent Event was a no brainer.
I’m watching a horror/paranormal TV show from the 1970s every day until Christmas and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
Special Offer stars Pauline Quirk (Birds of a Feather) as an awkward teenage supermarket worker who is in love with her manager, despite him for all intents and purposes, a bit of a jerk. One day, the supermarket experiences what appears to be a rodent infestitaiton with cans and other products being knocked from shelves. But it’s not long until they discover it’s something much more sinister.
Originally aired on ITV on 16 October 1976, Special Offer was the first episode of Beasts, an anthology of six self contained stories written by Kneale based around the theme of bestial horror.
Coming not long after Stephen King’s Carrie, Special Offer has similar themes of a teenage girl bullied by those around her and using paranomal energy to get her revenge.
I won’t spoilt it for you – though I probably have – but I can say that Nigel Kneale has created believable characters who are no means caricatures, so it is interesting watching the drama develop.
I’m looking forward to watching the rest of Beasts. Not sure what I will watch tomorrow but I’m thinking maybe something from M.R. James.

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