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Beasts is a 1976 British horror series, written by Nigel Kneale. Consisting of six single-story episodes, the series has a theme of bestial horror.

Beasts TV Episode Guide

Beasts is a horror anthology series from the mind of Nigel Kneale, the man behind Quatermass. CHRIS NEWTON gives us a run down of the six classic episodes...

Buddyboy: Beasts REVIEW

Buddyboy Beasts
Buddyboy is a low-point in Nigel Kneale's otherwise classic 1970s horror anthology Beasts, says CHRIS NEWTON

The Dummy: Beasts REVIEW

The Dummy is the last in Nigel Kneale's classic 1970s Beasts anthology miniseries. CHRIS NEWTON takes a look...

During Barty’s Party: Beasts REVIEW

During Barty's Party
CHRIS NEWTON takes a look at During Barty's Party, part of Nigel Kneale's memorable 1970s TV horror anthology Beasts

What Big Eyes: Beasts REVIEW

What Big Eyes Beasts
CHRIS NEWTON continues his series on Nigel Kneale's classic horror, Beasts with What Big Eyes...

Baby: Beasts REVIEW

Beasts Baby
CHRIS NEWTON looks back on 1970s classic horror television from Nigel Kneale with Beasts: Baby episode

Special Offer: Beasts REVIEW

CHRIS NEWTON looks at 1970s paranormal TV show - Beasts: Special Offer (1976)


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Schalcken the Painter
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