Bizarre real-life film coincidences that will raise the hairs on your neck!


EDDIE BRAZIL says coincidences can be a little creepy at times, such as these two cases experienced by British actors…

Julie Christie in Don't Look Now 1973
Julie Christie in Don’t Look Now 1973

Actress Julie Christie, who appeared in the creepy psychological thriller Don’t Look Now (1973),  had a bizarre experience which seemed to mirror the film.

As you might recall in the film, her character looses a child in a drowning accident.

Six years after the release of the film, Christie went to her farmhouse in Wales, which was being rented by friends.

When she arrived she had the distressing shock of seeing the mother pull her own dead child from the pond in a incredible re- enactment of the movie scene.

Another creepy coincidence happened to actor Anthony Hopkins.

He was to play the lead in The Girl from Petrova, but could not find the book to read up on the role.

One day on Leicester Square Underground Station in central London, Hopkins came across the book, seemingly discarded on a platform seat.

He went aboard to make the movie, and by chance met the author of the book.

The author had lent it to a friend, who had lost it in London! It was the same book.

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