Brocket Arms, a perfect place to experience the paranormal


Anyone staying at the Brocket Arms in Welwyn, Hetrfordshire, England, should be prepared for a paranormal experience, says RICK HALE

A phantom monk is said to haunt the rooms of the Brocket Arms in Welwyn.
A phantom monk is said to haunt the rooms of the Brocket Arms in Welwyn.

Brocket Arms

Ayot St Lawrence, Welwyn, AL6 9BT

Ayot St Lawrence, a small tranquil village in the Hertfordshire countryside, is a dream getaway for all those seeking to leave the hustle and bustle of London behind.

Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, fell instantly in love with the town and built his home there until eventually dying in 1950.

If you’re looking for that special place to get away from it all, either for a weekend alone, or with the one you love, allow me to recommend The Brocket Arms.

If you should decide to stay in this small hotel and pub, be prepared to encounter a very playful spirit. A spirit the landlord simply describes as, affable.

A Very Brief History Of The Brocket Arms

Built in the 14th century, the picturesque building was originally the monastic quarters for a nearby Norman Church.

All that changed in the 16th century, when the monastic quarters fell victim to Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries and the priests were forced to leave.

For centuries, the building sat empty and it wasn’t until the building was converted in to an inn that guests and staff reported witnessing a ghostly monk.

A Good Natured Spirit Haunts The Brocket Arms

Typically, when people report witnessing a ghostly monk, that apparition is described as being invariably evil.

However, the dark robed figure encountered at the Brocket Arms, is anything but evil. In fact, whomever this spirit is, he seems to be quite playful.

This mischievous spirit has been described as being very short with his face hidden beneath the folds of a dark, brown hood and robe.

He is said to make regular appearances in the bar area, but has been seen in the rest of the building, including the rooms.

Several people have approached the phantom monk thinking it was a prank. However all that changes when he vanishes leaving them thoroughly stunned.

Further unexplained activity believed to be caused by the monk happens on the upper floor where the guest rooms are.

Thunderous bangs and thuds have been heard in the hallway. And the peculiar sound of bare feet slapping on the floor has been reported by several guests.

With all this activity it begs the question, who is this monk? The answer may be found in the buildings religious past.

According to legend, an unnamed monk committed a grievous sin that could not be overlooked by his brethren.

Following a swift trial, he was found guilty and hung from a beam in what is now the bar. Directly over the chair he is most seen sitting in.

Although the monk is unusually active as far as spirits go, he has never been troublesome. He appears to like the attention and interacting with the guests.

Brocket Arms is the perfect place to get away from city life and to enjoy the bucolic countryside of Hertfordshire.

This hotel not only offers peace and quiet, but it’s the perfect place to experience the paranormal.

If you’ve ever stayed at The Brocket Arms, we invite you to tell us about it in the comment section.


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