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British and Irish horror is legendary. Here we profile classics like Hammer through to modern day films. You can read interviews with current filmmakers too who are keeping our bloody cinematic history alive!

Happy 25th Birthday Pinhead!

Happy Birthday Pinhead - Clive Barker's Hellraiser was released today in 1987. The Spooky Isles will celebrate that horrific milestone with a special day of articles by ANDREW GARVEY.

The Ghost of Frankenstein 1942 REVIEW

STEPHEN JACOBS casts a critical eye on The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)

George Zucco: Manchester’s Forgotten Universal Horror Star

TERRY SHERWOOD surveys the horror career of Manchester-born Universal Horror player George Zucco, in his latest Sherwood After Dark

The Others 2001 REVIEW

The Others 2001 is the perfect gothic shocker to watch by candlelight, says MARK FRYERS

The Mummy 1959 REVIEW

ADAM SCOVELL reviews The Mummy (1959)
Son of Dracula 1943

Son of Dracula 1943 REVIEW

Son of Dracula 1943 is an highly-enjoyable original spin on a familiar genre, says guest writer RICHARD MARKWORTH

The Girl 2012 REVIEW

The Girl 2012 is a dark look back at Alfred Hitchcock's alleged obsession with his leading lady in The Birds, Tippi Hedren

You’ve got to be Choking!

I am not demanding realism from my horror films but why can't they just punch each other in the face instead of choking each other?

The Haunted Curiosity Shop (1901) VIDEO

The Haunted Curiosity Shop (1901) is one of the first ever British made horror films.
The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1974

The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1974 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES describes watching his first Hammer Horror, The Satanic Rites of Dracula!
Hammer Bubblegum Cards

My Hammer Horror Shock Theatre Bubblegum Days

Guest writer STEWART KING told us he had Shock Theatre bubblegum cards from the 1970s. We said give us a look and tell us more.

The Shining 1980 REVIEW

The Shining 1980 didn't live up to the hype according to reviewer ANN MASSEY

Black Sabbath 1963 REVIEW

This is a great anthology film by celebrated Italian director Mario Bava with Karloff in his only vampiric role

Death Line Soundtrack from Wil Malone

DOM COOPER tell us about Wil Malone's eerie main theme from the British 1972 Donald Pleasence horror classic Death Line
Daughter of the Dragon 1931

Daughter of the Dragon 1931 REVIEW

Daughter of the Dragon 1931 - starring Anna May Wong - was one of the best Fu Manchus, says DAVID SAUNDERSON

The Mask of Fu Manchu 1932 REVIEW

Boris Karloff eats up the screen in The Mask of Fu Manchu 1932, says DAVID SAUNDERSON

The Wicker Tree 2011 REVIEW

The Wicker Tree 2011, the sequel to 1973's The Wicker Man, is reviewed by ANDREW GARVEY

Night of the Eagle (1962) REVIEW

Night of the Eagle 1962 is one of the best British horrors about witchcraft ever made, says SIMON BALL
Peter Cushing Dracula

A Childhood Spent Watching Peter Cushing

STEPHEN JACOBS remembers his childhood well-spent watching Peter Cushing horror on the BBC!

Happy Birthday Charles Laughton

Today is Charles Laughton's birthday! DAVID SAUNDERSON picks three of his favourite Charles Laughton horror films
Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Darby O’Gill and The Little People 1959 REVIEW

Darby O'Gill and the Little People is my favourite Irish spooky film, says DAVID SAUNDERSON

The Retreat into your Nightmare

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS tells us about The Retreat, a new supernatural scare-fest currently in pre-production
Christopher Lee as The Creature in Curse of Frankenstein 1957

10 things you (probably) never knew about Hammer's Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARD stitches together some amazing facts about Hammer's Curse of Frankenstein starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee...

Donald Pleasence: To Halloween and Back

Donald Pleasence is one of England's most well-known yet underappreciated horror legends, says TERRY SHERWOOD in this edition of Sherwood After Dark

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