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Meet The Gypsy Queen of Norwood

Margaret Finch Gypsy Queen of Norwood
ANN MASSEY tells us of her childhood links to the psychic Margaret Finch, aka the Gypsy Queen of Norwood, and how Gypsy Hill in South East London got its name!

Ghostly prostitute haunts Silver Cross Tavern in London

The Haunted Silver Cross in Whitehall, a haunted central London pub
Silver Cross Tavern sits in the centre of Westminster in London, and with it comes a haunting perfect for a political scandal, says RICK HALE

A Madman Feeds and Dances with a Corpse: Is this the foulest story ever?

ANDREW GARVEY looks at one of London's Illustrated Police News' most grisly articles

Liverpool’s 8 Creepiest Ghosts and Hauntings

Haunted Liverpool
Guest writer DOMINIC McELROY proves you'll never walk alone in Liverpool with these eight hauntings!

Eerie Essex with Bethan Briggs-Miller VIDEO

When it comes to spookiness, the only is Essex. We speak to Bethan Briggs-Miller from Eerie Essex Podcast!