En Francais: Ghosts BBC (S5, E4) EPISODE REVIEW

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Ghosts En Francais provides an educational experience for all in this episode the popular BBC sitcom, writes GEMMA JOHNSON

Sophie (Chloe Delanney) and Robin (Laurence Rickard) in a flashback scene from En Francais episode of Ghosts.
Sophie (Chloe Delanney) and Robin (Laurence Rickard) in a flashback scene from En Francais episode of Ghosts.

En Francais Ghosts BBC Episode Review

Spoilers Alert!

J’adore les fantômes, yes that’s right Ghosts is educational, and I have learnt a new French word because I so was inspired by this episode. 

French is a theme within episode 4 – Mike learns it and apparently Robin is a fluent French speaker – who would have thought it? 

Robin is the key focus for this episode, and I will warn you – you are likely to need tissues at hand. We see the history of Button House through Robin’s eyes, its lonely, it’s sad and it adds another dimension to the many layers of Robin.  

As we expect, the sadness is in tandem with the humorous adventures of the other resident spooks.  Shocked at the realisation that they could be together for eternity; they decide to try new forms of entertainment.

Anyone who remembers 1980s and 1990s primetime television will love the element of nostalgia here and I challenge you not to say the gameshow catchphrases out loud – Can’t beat a bit of Bully!

Humphrey is often more of a background character, but he seems to be emerging more within this final series.  In this episode Humphrey is overcome with jealousy and regret but fear not a French lesson from Robin proves to be the perfect cure.

But let’s not forget Alison and Mike who here are trying to act ‘normal’ (which is grossly overrated and who is to say what ‘normal’ is anyway?) to help facilitate the sale of the land surrounding Button House. 

Classic comedic timing and humour from Mike with Alison taking on somewhat of a scolding parent role when he steps out of line

Take away lesson – keep learning French you never know when it will come in handy and be wary of accepting drinks from Mike.

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Ghosts BBC’s fifth and final season, including all episodes, is now available on BBC iPlayer.


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