Last Resort: Ghosts BBC (S5, E6) EPISODE REVIEW

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LAST RESORT: We bid farewell to the residents of Button House with an emotional last episode of Ghosts BBC, writes GEMMA JOHNSON

Lots of surprises in Last Resort, the last episode of Ghosts BBC.
Lots of surprises in Last Resort, the last episode of Ghosts BBC.

Last Resort Ghosts BBC Episode Review

Spoilers Alert!

We were not looking forward to this final episode, it seemed throughout the series we were building up to a goodbye and we were not ready for it.  With a great deal of anticipation, and tissues at hand, it was time to rip the plaster off…

From the start of the very first series Mike and Alison grappled with the cost, and vastly daunting task of running Button House. We have watched bungled attempts at selling to a hotelier, opening The Gatehouse as a B and B, renting out the hall to a film crew and offering Button House as a wedding venue – the list goes on and on.  But each one ended in some form of disaster.  

Throughout this series we have watched them court a golf company in an attempt to sell off some land.  We thought that this was all over when Mike, via a dodgy looking green drink, caused the buyer to have an allergic reaction.  But shockingly, the episode opens with the buyer making a full offer for all of the land and the hall – everything that they have been dreaming of but is it that easy to leave Button House?

Catching wind of the potential change, the ghosts go on the charm offensive – I will warn you Fanny smiling is disturbing to see but it is just a passing phase, maybe cover your eyes or hide behind a cushion for the brief second that it happens. 

Remember in that first episode when Julian pushed Alison out of the window?  It comes back to haunt him (pun intended) and it could cause disaster for the other ghosts.  Julian would be a perfect modern day prime minister because he is also terrible at apologising and taking the blame for wrongdoing – could this be the final nail in the coffin?  But credit where credit is due, Julian gives a powerful speech and I challenge you not to ‘catch some feelings’ as the kids would say. 

Mike and Alison grapple with the decision and it is an emotional journey, I think that most of us would have made the same one.  My only criticism of this final episode is the appearance of Mike’s friend Obi which I didn’t feel was needed and didn’t seem to fit in with the other stellar storylines taking place. However, I am so pleased with the way in which this episode ended. We finally see the Captain be his true self, stepping out from the pomp and ceremony he has been hiding behind all this time. 

It has ended but it is not really the ending because it will be watched over and over again in our house.  For so long the characters have become a source of great entertainment here, catchphrases and accents included much to the annoyance of my teenage son, they are a source of comfort and easy viewing. 

Yes, we could start to watch the US version of Ghosts but for me, it just isn’t the same and we will stick to the OG.  If, like me, you are wondering what OG means it is a ‘down with the kids’ slang term for someone who is incredibly exceptional and authentic. Praise for someone who is an expert at what they do – a perfectly fitting term for the cast and crew of BBC Ghosts.

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Ghosts BBC’s fifth and final season, including all episodes, is now available on BBC iPlayer.


  1. I have only watched a few episodes of ghosts here and there so i haven’t followed the storyline at all, having said that I enjoyed the episodes that I did watch. In my opinion it seems like an adult version of the old kids show Rentaghost which i followed as a youngster, so hopefully I will get round to watching Ghosts from start to finish if time allows.


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