Fools: Ghosts BBC (S5, E1) EPISODE REVIEW

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Ghosts BBC kicks off its fifth and final series, with an eerie-sistible first episode, Fools, writes Gemma Johnson

Humphrey (Laurence Rickard) plots pranks with Allison (Charlotte Ritchie) in Fools, the first episode of series 5 of Ghosts BBC
Humphrey (Laurence Rickard) plots pranks with Allison (Charlotte Ritchie) in Fools, the first episode of series 5 of Ghosts BBC

Fools Ghosts BBC Episode Review

Spoilers Alert!

We have been super excited about the new series, but it also comes with a hint of sadness as it is the very last one. 

We last saw Alison and Mike stood in front of the burning gatehouse after a dramatic storm which left the B&B in pile of glowing embers.  Each series of Ghosts gets better and better, the start to series 5 is no exception.

It’s April Fool’s Day but for a brief moment, we aren’t aware of that, and it appears that Alison has lost her ability to see the ghosts – it was a tense moment in our house! 

But fear not, the ghosts were playing a trick on her with it being April Fool’s Day. Cue a scorned Alison promising revenge on each one of them.

Much hilarity ensues as Alison is assisted, in the quest for revenge, by Humphrey’s Head – perched on top of a cupboard he literally appears to be the devil whispering in Alison’s ear.  One by one Alison and Humphrey check off the ‘Fools’ that are each one of the ghosts. 

Our family favourite was that of Robin where Humphrey was hidden from sight voicing the different stuffed animals in the room – much to Robin’s horror.  This is what Ghosts does best, the connections back to prior episodes and character backgrounds set a rich background for comedy.

The hilarity of the pranks is juxtaposed with Mike meeting the loss adjuster regarding the insurance claim for the Gatehouse.  Alison and Mike are struggling to manage the finances of Button House, they need the claim to be paid out.  The surly loss adjuster seems unmoved and unconvinced by the elaborate account Mike is providing – could this be the end of Alison and Mikes residency at the House? 

Much to Alison and Humphrey’s frustration, Pat is not falling for any of the pranks – even that involving scotch eggs being banned or that involving blood spurting from an apparently missing finger. 

No, Pat is made of sterner stuff – he has been to scout camps after all.  Pat is usually one of the more gullible ghosts, but he is not falling for any of it, and we loved seeing this strong side of Pat, it made it all the more humorous.  

Alison has been a bit out of sorts during the episode and we eventually find out why, much to the initial amusement of Pat who thought it was still an April Fool’s Prank. 

Alison and Mike are expecting a baby – something that we, as a family, had speculated was going to happen.  Even more delightful is that the loss adjuster agrees to process the claim – after all a story involving a stuffed bear and three lighting strikes isn’t something that someone would make up – right? 

This first episode was a classical demonstration of how to do comedy well. There was something here for everyone and there were lots of laugh out loud moments. 

Whilst we can’t wait for the next episode, we are painfully aware that each episode we watch brings us closer to the end of this incredible programme.  We already known that tissues are going to be needed!

Tell us your thoughts about this Fools episode of Ghosts in the comments section below!

Ghosts BBC’s fifth and final season, including this Fools episode, is now available on BBC iPlayer.


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