Feltham’s Most Haunted Places To Visit

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PATSY SORENTI uncovers the ghostly horrors that lurk in the seemingly quiet but very Haunted Feltham in Middlesex

Rose and Crown Feltham
The Rose and Crown in Feltham

One would not necessarily think of Feltham, Middlesex as being one of the most haunted places in the South East. It doesn’t exactly feature in any ghost guide and although it has a splendid history, to most people Feltham is most famous for its young offenders’ prison and its beer. This is far from the reality and the place has more ghosts, pound for pound, than any area of London; so, I thought I would introduce seven of Feltham’s most popular ghosts to enthusiastic aficionados of local hauntings. These tales have been verified and the ghosts frequently seen, heard or felt.

Highwaymen Ghosts in Feltham

Feltham village lies on the crossroads of Bedfont, Ashford and Sunbury. The ghosts of two men on horses have been seen, trotting along the road from Ashford to Feltham. They are dressed in three corner hats and frock coats, but the horses have no legs. These ghosts often appear and have haunted the area for many years. Attempts to lay the ghosts have been ineffectual and may be linked to two skeletons, which were found at the crossroads in 1932 with stakes through their ribcages.

Phantom Monks of Feltham Garrison

Feltham is well known for ecclesiastic links, but the ghosts of two monks who were seen emerging from the mess hall of Feltham garrison in 1997 had everyone puzzled. It was believed that prior to the Army buildings the area was one of farms and market gardens. Indeed, Blaze Farm nearby (now a car wash business) was once the home of Nell Gwynne. These monks were frequently seen, even though the former mess hall had become derelict by 2005.

They would emerge from the building and glide over to what is now the industrial estate, fading away just before the wooded area beside the Longford River.

A team of paranormal investigators managed to access the building and although the ghosts didn’t put in an appearance, enough evidence was gathered to confirm that the place was haunted. This consisted of doors banging, objects being thrown and sudden and inexplicable icy cold experienced. It was sufficient for the investigators to beat a hasty retreat.

The phantom monks keep their lonely vigil by the river but nobody knows who they might be and why they make that walk.

The Haunted Manor of Feltham

The Manor of Feltham is so historic, it is mentioned in history books. Today, the former Manor House is situated between a Tesco supermarket and an evangelical church. The ghost here is of a phantom woman, seen running up the back stairs. This was often experienced when the house was used as a doctor’s surgery. It is now a charity for homeless people but the running woman has been seen by the new tenants and by local people.

Angry Ghost of Sparrow Farm

The Sparrow Farm council estate was built during the 1930’s and to ensure that residents had access to provisions, a range of shops were incorporated into the plans. Flats were built above the shops and one of them has the ghost of a very angry old man.

Originally, the shop below was a fish and chip shop and Pat and her family who once lived there, was bullied and plagued by this ghost: he would appear and disappear when least expected and pools of water would appear on the floor.

Newly washed clothes would be thrown on to the grass. One notable instance was when they were moving out – Pat’s daughter was shoved down the stairs and the front door banged shut. The ghost still haunts the flat and the shop downstairs, which is now a furniture restorer. It is believed that the ghost is a former tenant of the flat who thinks living people are trespassers.

Feltham Lodge Phantom

Once the home of the Whiteaway cider family and now a register office, this house stands adjacent to Lavender Court, an old peoples’ sheltered housing facility. One evening in 2011 a woman saw what she thought was ‘a lady dressed in Edwardian clothes’ passing through the dividing wall between the garden of Feltham Lodge and the newer flats. This ghost was dressed in wide-brimmed hat and old-fashioned clothes.

It faded into the atmosphere some seconds later. This year, whilst looking at some old photos of Feltham Lodge she recognised a woman in one of the photos as that of the ghost she had seen in 2011. The lady was identified as being the former mistress of the house.

Phantom Motorcyclist of Feltham

The traffic light junction at Feltham Park is notorious for motor accidents, especially involving motor cycles. The ghost of a young man who was killed after jumping a red light whilst riding a motorbike in 1987 is still seen and most often heard, at this junction. It begins as a roar of a motorcycle engine heading from Hanworth and ending with a spine chilling crash at the junction, whereupon the sights and sounds of the crash fade. This ghost was last heard in July 2017

Tell us in the comments section if you’ve seen a ghost around Feltham – we’d love to hear about it!


  1. What a lot of tot. – Feltham Lodge Phantom – this is my family you are talking about – the Whiteaway’s of Feltham Lodge had nothing to do with the Whiteway Cider – (you might see that the surname is spelt differently). I spent a lot of time there – no ghosts to speak of

    • Well that’s strange then because I saw the ghost myself. The place where I live was once the grounds of the cider groves to Feltham Lodge, where the Whiteaways used to live.

    • Hi Susi,

      The National Archives suggest that the Whiteaway family resided in Feltham Lodge. ref 18718705. According to the records, they were indeed the cider family. You can view these records at the Hounslow and Feltham Local Studies Service. i personally saw the Edwardian lady ghost one evening.

  2. Can any of your Reader’s on here recollect `Cromwell Lodge’ in Lower Feltham area @ Junction of St.Dunstans Road/Bedfont Road ;which was also Reputed to have a Phantom Ghost of Cavalier/`Roundhead’ Soldier ( The Name of Building was allegedly attributed to Cromwell himself Lodging there @ time of Civil War!? The Original Lodge was Demolished back in 60’s & Residential Flats Built on same land but I can well remember Reports of a`Soldier’ being seen by Residents in 2nd Floor Flat! Which would Explain Why it Was regularly Available to Let! (I Myself was Born & Lived for 30 yrs in Avenue Rd Quite Close Byi ( My Father’s Family were All Born/raised in that area of Feltham!

    • Hi , I lived in Feltham, did you have relations living in Southcote Ave ? We had a lady living opposite called mrs Perrett, she was very friendly with my nan. Thank you . Sue Crook ,my nans surname was Thomas

  3. Following on from Above I can well remember Playing in Old `Bomb Crater’ oppo Church left by a Lone Bomber jettisoning a 1,000 lb Bomb during WWll (Most probably intended for `Garrison/Depot Off Elmwood Avenue!?) Back in 50’s/60’s `H&S’ didn’t Exist Although I seem to remember Old `Urban District Council (as it was then!) erecting a Flimsy Chestnut paling Fence around perimeter to deter `Local’ Kids from Playing in there ! I haven’t revisited that area of Feltham since I left in 1982 So No doubt Many Changes to Park’ & it’s environs!?
    I presume My Old School (Feltham Hill Primary) IS Still in stitu’!?) Anyway excuse My `Ramblings’ down Memory Lane & Hope my Article re Cromwell Lodge might attract some interest or otherwise!? V.C.Perrett @ ‘ Bramcote (Sth Notts)

    • Hello Victor. I remember Cromwell Lodge very well. We lived in Princes Road and after years of walking past it, me and my little brother Hughie (we must have been aged 8 or 9) got up the courage 2 go in there. It had been abandoned 4 a few years by that time and our most interesting finds were a big black chest with (empty) cupboards and drawers and an ornate ivory carving on the front and a HUGE bible with lots of names and addresses on the front blank pages in faded pen and ink script. We decided 2 go 2 the addresses on our bikes and C if N E one remembered it and maybe was eager 2 pay a substantial reward……it was a bit of an Enid Blyton adventure kinda thing 2 us. The stairs were crumbling but we ventured up them but then got worried about falling through the floor so never got 2 really checking out the rooms up there. Funny U should mention that bomb crater. That area is now a landscaped little park but I remember when there was a rope swing that swung out over the crater. If U fell off, U would B up 2 your knees in mud. I watched 4 ages B 4 venturing on 2 it myself. The rope was about 2″ diameter with a huge knot at the bottom and U had 2 stand at the top of the crater, grab the rope, jump in 2 a sitting position and sit on the knot as it swung back and forth. It was such a thrill I remember it still. I think I may have been bunking off Sunday school when I did it. I went 2 Feltham Hill School, both infant and juniors 1954-1960 and then off 2 Longford until 1964. I was a bright child….so bright I did the 11+ exam with my left hand instead of right and consequently failed because they couldn’t read my writing. I could’ve done it with my right but I wore my right arm in a sling that day because of an abcess in my armpit. Very clever eh? Looking back I think I thought an arm in a sling added a bit of drama 2 my appearance.

      • Hello ‘Maggi’ my apologies for belated Reply! Good to know that prompted your memories of ‘The Lodge’ which definitely DID have an ‘Aura’ of ‘Decay & ‘Spookyness about it hence local children used to run by as fast as possible expecting ‘Adams Family Or “Munsters’ to appear LOL! (U have to be of certain age to remember that!? Can U remember Old Grocery Store round Corner oppo Garage & Next Door was ‘Original ‘Rose & Crown’ PH I have a picture of my Dad taken back in Early 1930’s riding Grocery delivery bike in that location of St. Dunstan’s Road! I expect U can also remember Princes Road/Avenue Road & Percival Road All ‘Trimmed’ Up & Tables/Trestles laid out for Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977!? “Happy Days” ‘Victor’ PPS U weren’t ONLY ‘Egghead’ on ‘Estate’ as my Sister also passed her 11+ to be able to “Go to the County Grammar @Ashford* I Only went to Kenynington Manor Secondary *Skool @ Sunbury which in those heady days of ’60’s was Still Deemed to be in Middlesex!.*Hence Spelling!!

  4. I lived all my life in feltham . I know few places are haunted . Babar bridge ghost . Its in north feltham a bridge over hudson river . Cab drivers witnessed a phantom of a tall man crosses the road and vanishes into the green area . Also , walking in hounslow road , a horse man kicked a walking woman and disappeared.

  5. Way back in 1968 I started working for British Airways (then BOAC). Being ex fire brigade, my first job was Fire Protection which involved lots of patrolling of airport buildings. One place we had to check was in St Anthony’s Way, opposite the Green Man pub. This visit was made during the evening at about 8 o clock. The building was used as a store for aircraft facilities such as cutlery, crockery and many other things for in flight use. The building was not old and mostly single story. Every time I went there I felt that I was being followed. I’d keep looking behind me convinced that someone was there and I felt sure that I was being watched all the time. This feeling grew on me and I eventually dreaded going into that warehouse. I was very used to walking around on my own in all sorts of buildings including old stores and workshops, aircraft hangars and offices at all times all through the night and never felt any nervousness at all. At St Anthoney’s, I even felt this presence during Summer evenings while it was still daylight and sunny. The building has since been demolished and not sure what is there now. Years later, after I’d transferred into a very different department, I was talking to someone who had grown up in Feltham and this building was brought up. He told me that it had been built in the grounds or even foundations of and old Convent! Had I been observed by a ghostly nun?

  6. The shops at sparrow farm weren’t built until the 1950s. I lived on the estate for quite some time and never heard of this tale

  7. I have just started working in Feltham, Gavel House High Street. I was alone on the third floor of this very old building, walking from one room to another and I caught something out of the corner of my eye. It appeared to be a gentleman dressed very old fashioned. I was just outside of my office and I thought perhaps someone from another floor had come to the third floor so I went back and checked all the rooms, but no-one was there. I would love to find out the history of this building.

    • Gavel House isn’t really old, but it stands on some earlier buildings’ sites. I would have thought the solicitor’s fees were the scariest thing in that building!

  8. Does anyone recall a supposedly haunted house on Princes Road? It was reported in local papers during the early 1970s, and the council rehoused the family who lived there due to the ghostly activity. As I recall the activity was centred around an infant child who would be heard talking to an unseen entity in one of the bedrooms. It was later deduced it was the ghost of a former resident who had drowned in one of the local gravel pits. There were reports of poltergeist activity at the property as well.

  9. Hello Reply to Sue Crook Sounds like one of my Uncles Family Sorry can’t be more Helpful I Now reside in Hampshire & am Now Widower after moving back down South after nearly 40 yrs in Nottingham area

  10. Sorry for late Replies due to Not visiting this site for while! As regards latest story re Princes Rd its New one on me But I do recall incident over at Old Gravel Pits as I was a Sp’cl (Hobby Bobby!) @ Feltham & can recall the incident!

    • Thanks for confirming that part of the story, I understand the body of the deceased was taken back to the house before burial/cremation.


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