Free Pass: Ghosts BBC (S1, E4) REVIEW


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Button House turns chaotic as a film crew arrives, causing hilarious ghostly interactions and chaos for Alison and Mike in this episode of Ghosts titled Free Pass, writes GEMMA JOHNSON

Charlotte Ritchie as Alison in the Ghosts BBC episode Free Pass.
Charlotte Ritchie as Alison in the Ghosts BBC episode Free Pass.

Firstly, I can never eat Rice Crispies in the same way again thanks to Mary who thinks that the noises sound like people and that you can only eat the cereal once they are “dead” – as in the popping has stopped.  Cheers for that Mary, breakfast will never quite be the same again!

Button House is a money pit of epic proportions, giving Tom Hank and Shelley Long’s house a run for its money in the 1986 film ‘The Money Pit’.  In fact, when watching this episode, some of the scenes did remind me of the much beloved film.

To help raise money, Alison and Mike decide to rent the house out to a film company for a period drama. Chaos descends upon Button House as the crew arrive, prompting an awry of different responses from the ghosts.

Captain takes an interest in a member of the crew, possibly because of the walkie talkie he is using but knowing what we know about Captain now it could be for matters of the heart.

Pat is loitering at the food truck, seemingly thrilled when egg is added to a bacon sandwich. Mary is in the make-up trailer looking at the wigs, which she seems to think belonged to witches. Thomas is furious at that of authentic furniture and even more so when he realises the film is about is nemesis Byron. 

Robin and Julian are playing Chess, but the crew take away the table which results in a very angry Robin vowing revenge.  Julian is less bothered though; he has found a copy of a racing newspaper. Kitty is lustfully watching over the actors ready for the saucy scenes to happen.

Hands down favourite moment here is Mary and Pat looking at ‘The Metal Cow’ and Mary providing us with the iconic catchphrase “Oh, she’s a fancy flapjack”. 

Between managing the ghosts and keeping the crew off the very fragile floors for fear of a collapse, Alison and Mike have their hands full.  Desperately, trying to keep a happy medium so that they can get paid and do some much-needed repairs on the house.  Going back to the film, The Money Pit, Tom Hanks slides through a hole in the floor and is only saved by a rug.  Here, one of the lead actors falls through the floor in a similar fashion but this time, no rug to save him just a flustered Mike. 

The title ‘Free Pass’ is in reference to the lead actor who is on Alison’s list of free passes – comedy much abound when this is being explained to Thomas.  But Alison realises that appearances are deceptive, and he isn’t as wonderful as she thought he was.  Take away lesson here – what you see on TV and in film rarely translate into reality.

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