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In Ghosts BBC series 5, episode 2, our spectral friends are reminded there’s no haunt like Home, writes GEMMA JOHNSON.

Julian (Simon Farnaby) and Fanny (Martha Howe-Douglas) in a scene from the Ghosts BBC episode of Home.
Julian (Simon Farnaby) and Fanny (Martha Howe-Douglas) in a scene from the Ghosts BBC episode of Home.

Home Ghosts BBC Episode Review

Spoilers Alert!

Ghosts’ episode two had several shockers: Fanny can write poetry, Thomas is Scottish, and Kitty led us to ponder the question – can ghosts get pregnant?  

This episode had a different tone to it, the humour was still ever present but perhaps not as punchy as the prior episode.

It felt more emotional as we watched Mike and Alison grapple with the realities of becoming parents – if you are parent, you will recall the financial stress and physical strain that a pending buddle of joy can bring. 

We see Alison and Mikes joy, but we also share in their dismay at the cost of buggies, car seats, childcare… the list goes on.

The ghosts are mulling the meaning of the word ‘home’ driven by Thomas’ wish to be published and Fanny’s horror upon finding out that Mike and Alison are seeking to sell off part of the land surrounding Button Hall. 

This turmoil reveals Fanny’s hidden secret – she is a poet, but she doesn’t seem to know it (I couldn’t resist – sorry!) Thomas is intrigued – will he plagiarise Fanny’s work, passing it off as his own? Or will his ego get the better of him?

Thomas has long been a favourite character of mine and I was even more endeared by him when he slipped gracefully into a Scottish accent.  I have Scottish roots and love a good Scottish accent, so I thoroughly enjoyed this little twist to his character. “I’m as Scottish as Shortbread!” 

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Kitty has long been delusional, and this came to full light in this episode – when Alison describes her pregnancy symptoms Kitty convinces herself that she is also pregnant and in doing so somehow ropes Robin in to massage her feet.

Robin can’t touch the humans, or the objects around him but he can touch Kitty’s feet – good to know that even in the afterlife, a good foot rub is still a possibility. 

There is always a background story taking place and here we have Pat and Julian arguing about what is better – the North or the South?

 Yorkshire pudding – Cornish pasty, Eccles cake – Chelsea Bun FISH AND CHIPS!

I am going to be biased here given that I am a proud northerner – and yes, if you have fish and chips up here you need to have gravy. It’s the law. 

There is very much a sense of closure taking place very gradually as we move through the episodes. 

Each episode seems to give us a reminder that the end is coming – and I will end this review with some poignant words from Fanny:

“Everything changes so home is not the walls or the gardens, home is the souls within those walls.  Home is the memories made on this spot”.

(I am not crying; I am not crying)

Ghosts BBC’s fifth and final season, including all episodes, is now available on BBC iPlayer.

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