Getting Out: GHOSTS BBC (S1, E6) REVIEW


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In Getting Out, the Ghosts BBC series 1 finale, Alison and Mike struggle with house repairs, a deceitful hotel mogul and Alison’s ghost-seeing ability, leading to a dramatic and humorous conclusion, writes GEMMA JOHNSON

Simon Farnaby as Julian in Ghosts BBC episode, Getting Out
Simon Farnaby as Julian in Ghosts BBC episode, Getting Out

Review of Getting Out: Ghosts BBC

And so, we reach the end of series 1 and what a rollercoaster it has been especially with the revelation that pigeons can be ghosts too, which is where this episode begins.

The upkeep of Button House is taking its toll on Alison, Mike and the ghosts.  After working day jobs, Alison and Mike go home and continue to work on the repairs.  Captain is furious at the disruption and decides to lead a coo to try to force them out of the house.  There is resistance amongst the ghosts and so Captain resigns from his self-appointed role of leader. 

But it seems that there is someone else who wants to give Alison and Mike encouragement to leave – Fiona of Herrington Hotels.  A haughty, hand sanitising, flash car driving vulture in disguise who has hatched a plan to pray on the vulnerable state of Alison and Mike.   Seeing her as an angel offering a way out, they accept her offer much to the outcry of the ghosts.  Alison is looking forward to living in a house that isn’t haunted however, she soon discovers that her gift is not exclusive to Button House.  Sixth Sense style “I see dead people”.

“Harbingers of Doom” Thomas declares as the survey crew from the hotel descend upon the house – he is right.  Fiona begins to relent on her initial offer, finding fault with various parts of the house and becoming increasingly hostile. That is until the survey team go down into the cellar and discover the plague grave which haughty Fiona then falls in – Karma is a wonderful thing. As she zooms off in her flashy car, the ghosts congratulate themselves on a job well done whilst Alison and Mike are trying to figure out exactly what happened.

My favourite exchange here, Robin when he is talking in food club and answering what is favourite food is “Bum”, later extending to add “Bum and Chips”, I will take your word for it, Robin.

Take away lesson from this episode, don’t change who you are.  Alison has wanted to move somewhere ‘normal’ but when viewing houses, she realises that ‘normal’ isn’t for her and we then see her go on to embrace her life in the eccentricities of Button Hall.

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