Top 10 Graham Masterton Books You Must Read

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British horror writer Graham Masterton has written 126 books and sold over a million copies worldwide. JOANNA HAGUE lists her top 10 Graham Masterton books.

Top 10 Graham Masterton Books You Must Read 1
British horror writer Graham Masterton has written 126 books and sold over a million copies worldwide.

I stumbled on Graham Masterton completely by accident. I always look at books wherever I go, and I happened to pick up one of his novels. Since that day I have read nearly all his collection.

Graham Masterton published his first novel in 1976 and has since written 126 books and sold over a million copies worldwide. He is still writing to this day with his latest novel due out in October 2023.

With so many books to choose from I composed my top 10 list of my favourites, I hope you enjoy them too.

My Top 10 Graham Masterton Books

Walkers (1989)

This was the first book I read by Graham Masterton, and it was the one that got me hooked. With big dreams of running a country club, Jack Reed thinks he has found a bargain property that he can develop. When his son disappears into thin air, he soon discovers things are not what they seem and the patients that once lived in the building are determined to walk the streets again. It’s a race against time for Jack to find his son before it is too late. This book was amazing and started my off on my journey with Graham Masterton.  Buy Walkers on Amazon.

Mirror (1988)

Who doesn’t obsess about their favourite Hollywood star, for this writer he wants nothing more to bring back the story of the tragic death of the child star Boofuls. Martin gets more than he bargained for when he finds the mirror that once stood in Boofuls home and brings it into his. Strange things begin to happen and from the mirror objects appear in Martins room. Balls, cats and even children have appeared and disappeared into the mirror, but Martins world is turned upside down when he returns home to find the dead star Boofuls on his couch. Buy Mirror on Amazon.

The House at Phantom Park (2022)

An ex-military hospital seems the perfect place for up market apartments to be developed. When staff members of the development firm begin to be struck down with invisible ailments, it is down to the project manager Lilian to find out what is going on. When a veteran arrives and says he comes to talk to his friends, her world is turned upside down and it seems there is more to the property that she thought. Curses pass on while soldiers fought, ghosts wanting a second chance, will she be able to develop the property or will it cost her life. Buy The House at Phantom Park on Amazon.

The House of a Hundred Whispers (2020)

When their father dies and leaves them the house, they all travel to the middle of nowhere, the arguments begin. One morning when a child disappears the hunt is on to find him before it is too late. With floorboards creaking and whispers in every room, they soon decide that there is more to the house than what they thought. In one of the rooms while looking for the child, they find a priest hole, and this sends the family spiralling into a world that they never knew existed. I read this book in 4 hours, I couldn’t put it down, I needed to know more at the end of every chapter, definitely worth a read and it will hook you from the first page. Buy The House of a Hundred Whispers on Amazon.

Black Angel aka Master of Lies (1991)

San Francisco police are faced with a serial killer, each time he strikes the killings are ritualistic and gruesome. When his friends are killed, Lieutenant Foggia takes over the case, little does he know that he will need the help of a psychic medium. The race is on for him to crack the case before there is another killing. This book grips you from the off, it is full of demonology, witchcraft, and spiritualism, along with a Lieutenant that will not give up, you will be gripped by every page turn. This book is full of everything I like reading about and it was so hard to put down. Graham Masterton makes you feel like you are part of the investigation with every page and will have you piecing together the clues as you go. Buy Black Angel on Amazon.

The Forest Ghost aka Panic (2013)

Ever wondered what happens when we die, where does our energy go? Some believe that they go back to nature, living in the trees. When a group of scouts commit mass suicide, a diner owner and his son are pulled into an investigation that will change their life. Tracking their fates in the stars, the father and son delve deep into their past to help change the future. This book makes you question everything you have ever known; can our futures be predicted in the stars? Will they make it out of the forest, or will the ghosts of the past try to stop them? Buy The Forest Ghoul on Amazon.

Scarlet Widow (2015)

Being the daughter of the apothecary, she can help save peoples lives, however Beatrice finds herself an orphan at 16. Moving to America with her new husband she finds herself in the middle of Satanic killings. She moves quickly to uncover the mystery that is killing the animals, she believes that this is not the work of Satan but of men. Can she uncover the mystery before its too late? Great read, I enjoyed the historical side of the book, set in 1756 it brought to light what it was like for women who were seen as being different. Buy Scarlet Widow on Amazon.

Living Death (2016)

When a series of violent attacks occur, leaving victims disabled the faith in the police is damaged, DS Katie Maguire begins investing she soon realises that her previous drug trafficking case is connected to the attacks occurring. Can she crack the case before more attacks happen? The only option she has is to go undercover to solve this case. I enjoyed this book; it is one in a series for DS Katie Maguire, but I read it as a stand alone to begin with. Buy Living Death on Amazon.

The Coven (2017)

This is the second instalment for Beatrice Scarlet, she has made her way back home and takes on a role where her apothecary skills are required in a woman’s refuge. When a young girl goes missing Beatrice knows something is wrong. The refuge is under threat when the wealth claim they are witches. She knows that something is wrong, and it goes much further than witchcraft. Loved reading this book, I have always been fascinated by witchcraft and the book didn’t disappoint with historical information. Buy The Coven on Amazon.

Ghost Virus (2018)

This book fascinated me and kept me guessing from the start. When there are a series of robberies in charity shops and collection stations the police are forced to investigate. Believing that it is the work of a known criminal they do everything they can to find him. Things are not as they seem and the deeper, they dig the more disturbing the events are. Can clothes take on a mind of their own, the whole town is turned upside down and even the military are unable to help. Running out of time the police realise they are dealing with cursed items and race to save humanity. I have to admit, it threw me when I started reading this book and realised that the clothes came to life, however, it was brilliant, and I enjoyed every moment.  Buy Ghost Virus on Amazon.

Tell us your favourite Graham Masterton books in the comments section below!

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