Grimsby: 5 Haunted Places to Visit


The ancient port settlement of Grimby dates back to Roman times and is full of ghost sightings. Here are some places you can visit on your search of the paranormal…

Grimsby: 5 Haunted Places to Visit 1

The Fishing Heritage Centre and Ross Tiger trawler

Alexandra Dock, Grimsby DN31 1UZ

The Ross Tiger is a old fishing trawler that was converted into a museum ship in 1992. Rumour has it that retired tour guide and skipper Alf still haunts the Fishing Heritage Centre.

Alf, a well-known trawlerman who had previously worked on the Ross Tiger, passed away on Halloween, 2003. Employees and customers have reported seeing and hearing the Old Salt walking around the building. Several people have reported smelling tobacco and seeing a single set of legs in the store’s gift area.

All Saints Church, Waltham

High Street, Waltham, Grimsby DN37 0PN

The foundation of All Saints Church in Waltham can be traced back to the 1200s, so it is not surprising that it has seen a lot of change over the centuries. Extensive renovations were done to the church in the late 1800s and early 1900s. But it’s a recent spooky sighting that has people talking about the haunted nature of the religious building.

In the 1990s, All Saints Church Church was allegedly the site of a mass paranormal sighting when a Christmas choir was proceeding down the central aisle and a phantom priest in robes was seen reading a book, only to vanish as the choir got closer.

The Yarborough Hotel

29 Bethlehem Street, Grimsby DN31 1JN

In 1851, the Yarborough Hotel was constructed on Bethlehem Street in preparation for Grimsby’s first railway.  And before long, it had become the focus of a major historic scandal.

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During a by-election in 1862, two voters were “held” against their will at the  hotel. A protest ensured and police – with drawn batons – were pelted with stones, sticks, and election banners. Hotel rooms served as makeshift hospitals for injured protesters.

Over the years, customers have reported feeling uneasy in the spooky building, and a ghostly figure in a white shirt and glasses has been spotted there. People claim that the ghost is that of a former owner or customer.

A video of the phantom taken by a paranormal team at the impressive red-brick pub, now run by Wetherspoons, is believed to exist.

Ghostly children and other apparitions have been reported at The Yarborough Hotel in Grimsby along with moving objects and strange noises.

The Old Coach House Pub – also on Bethlehem Street – is Grimsby’s oldest pub and it too has a ghost. Numerous sightings of a tall dark shadow in the pub’s corridors suggest the ghost could be a boy killed in a barn accident.

Grimsby Market Place

Argos Grimsby Victoria Street

64 Victoria St S, Freshney Place, Grimsby DN31 1BL

The former post office at 64 Victoria Street (now an Argos) is rumoured to be haunted by a ghostly mail carrier. A former employee of the post office reported seeing him ascend the building’s stairwell late at night.

No one saw anything to indicate whether the phantom was male or female, and many legends circulated about the phantom’s mysterious origins.

One popular theory holds that the building sits atop the site of the former St. Mary’s Church Cemetery. Another theory is that the ghost was a mail carrier who died in World War II and has returned to do the job he loved.

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(Grimsby isn’t the only place with a haunted supermarket, though. Check out Crawley’s Asda!)

Bradley Woods

Bradley, Grimsby DN37 0AH

The Black Lady is a gloomy ghost said to haunt the Bradley Woods outside Grimsby.

Those who have seen the wandering spirit describe her as stunningly lovely, with long black hair and a cloak covering her tear-stained face.  Despite her sad and frightening look, the Black Lady of Bradley Woods has never attacked anyone, just creeped them out to their core.

Some think the Black Lady was a solitary woman living in the area, while still others think she was a nun from a neighbouring convent. She may have been a single parent since her husband was gone fighting in the Wars of the Roses or the Barons’ Wars.

The woodsman had been absent for months, or so the narrative goes.

She would take her child on daily walks to the edge of the woods in the hopes of seeing her husband return home from fighting. This went on until the enemy army crossed the Humber and marched through the countryside on its way to attack Lincoln.

Three men on horses ambushed her, raped her, and took her child.

Confused and humiliated, the mother searched the woods in vain for her missing child and husband.

Even after she died, many people said they saw the Black Lady walking through the woods and continuing to look for justice.

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