Hideous Phantom Hag Hitchhiker Seduces Weary Welsh Drivers


EDDIE BRAZIL recounts a tale of an amorous hitchhiker in Wales who turned out to be a monster!

Hideous Phantom Hag Hitchhiker Seduces Weary Welsh Drivers 1

Many accounts of paranormal phenomena are sometimes so fantastic and disturbing that one wonders if the stories have come straight from the pen of a Hollywood screenplay writer. For they contain the two essential ingredients for modern day cinema – sex and horror.

Some years ago, on an uncertain date, a young man was travelling home to Swansea in Wales by way of the A40.

He was returning in a foul mood because of a date with a young lady which hadn’t gone very well. They had argued and he stormed off.

It was late, and as the man drove along the deserted road he saw a beautiful woman by the side of the carriageway who seemed to be hitchhiking. He stopped and offered her a lift.

As the woman sat next to the driver she began to fondle him.

He pulled the car over and took the mysterious woman in to a public toilet. It was there that the two indulged in sex of a most ‘hardcore’ nature.

They went back to the car and continued ravishing each other.

It was then that the young man began to experience what he describes as a nightmare. He became aware of a strange smell, something like burning. He thought it was a discarded cigarette. He began to choke, and thought he would pass out.

Hitchhiker revealed to be ‘old hag’

Yet as he looked at the woman a horrifying change came over her. Her features were altering. The young man looked on terrified. No longer was there a beautiful woman, but some haggard, disgusting old crone with a disfigured face..

The man pushed her back with all the force he could muster, but the old hag just looked down on him and laughed. Eventually as the man screamed and screamed, the woman vanished.

Although disturbed by his experience, he was reluctant to share it with Friends or family. In time he related his ordeal to a local paranormal investigator who listened with interest

Over the years two other men had come forward with similar experiences, yet they too had remained silent over their encounter.

Not, it would seem, that they feared ridiculed for saying they had seen a ghost, but rather that they had indulged in sex with a old hag in a public toilet.


  1. You’re in a nice warm car, and you trot off to do the nasty in a cold, smelly public bog? That’s bullshit right there. 😀


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