‘Shadow Figure’ Terrified Me At Haunted Brentford Nightclub

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Guest writer JASON HARRISON describes his brush with the paranormal while working at a nightclub in Brentford, West London, in 2019

Haunted NIghtclub

I worked nights at a pretty popular hotel in Brentford, West London.

The night manager and myself witnessed numerous times the lifts going up and down to random floors with no one in them, and experienced loud knocks on the glass of the lobby windows from time to time.

On two occasions though, I actually saw something. The first, I was walking a security round alone.

Start at the top, check each floor, and then go down to the next via the fire stairwell. The lights were on a motion sensor, so when opening the stairwell door, there would be about a second before the lights came on.

‘Dark human silhouette’

When I opened the door to the 7th floor, the first thing I noticed was movement in the dark, followed immediately by the sight of a dark human silhouette, clearly and sharply defined against the light-coloured wall, backing away, like I had surprised someone and they stumbled backwards.

No features, just a jet black shadow. Scared me stupid… and then the lights slammed on. Nothing there.

I don’t know which was worse – seeing the black shape, or suddenly not seeing it anymore.

The second time, I had gone down to the upper basement, which was a long hallway from the lifts at one end, passing the car park entrance, through a set of fire doors, and into a small foyer.

Off of this room were the main office door on the right, the gym doors on the left, and the 2 public toilets opposite the fire doors. I went into the office, dropped my paperwork in the safe, and exited the office, facing directly at the doors to the gym. And froze. Literally.

Due to the air conditioner units on this floor – 10 huge ones serving a high-rise tower, it was always horribly hot down there.

Sometimes as high as 32°C/90°F. That was gone the second I stepped out of the office door. It was COLD. Eye-watering cold.

Standing right in front of the gym doors, not 10 feet away from me, was a girl. 5’5″- 5’6″, dark hair, brown eyes…face flushed and sweaty. She looked like someone with a fever.

She was wearing a white and blue dashiki-type shirt… and that was it. Below the shirt… nothing. I don’t mean she wasn’t wearing anything… I mean that below the shirt, she just wasn’t there. Nothing but a clear view of the lower half of the gym doors. I saw her, and what was worst for me, she saw me. The surprise on her face was clear. And then…she was gone. No fade-out, no dissolve, just… no longer there. Within a few seconds, the cold was gone as well, and it was hot down there again.

I didn’t go back to the upper basement for over a month after that.

Have you been in a haunted nightclub? Tell us about your paranormal experience in the comments below!

JASON HARRISON is a Spooky Isles who shared this spooky real-life paranormal experience. He describes himself as: “I’m 49-year-old American immigrant from Bristol, Tennessee. I’ve lived in the UK since 2018 with my lovely British wife.”


  1. What an interesting story! Seeing actual figures and not just experiencing other unexplained phenomena. And it sounds really chilling. Do you know any history of the place? I would not have wanted to do the night shift in that place ever again if I’d seen what you did!

  2. Interesting story about the Brentford ghost. It would be good if the writer had identified the hotel but if it was one of the newer ones beside the canal, the ghost might be that of one that has been seen on many occasions.


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