How to Use Hag Stones for Magick and Fun


Keep a look out for Hag Stones when on a river bed, you may have a powerful charm at your feet, says CALLUM CAMPBELL

How to use Hag Stones

Hag Stones – also known as Adder Stones or Witch Stones – are rare natural phenomena which are reputed to have many mystical and magical powers. 

For a stone to be classified as a Hag Stone, it must have a naturally-bored hole going all the way through the rock. 

This hole is usually formed by water eroding through the rock so, naturally, Hag Stones are most commonly found at rivers, streams and beaches. 

Uses for Hag Stones

Hag Stones have a plethora of occult uses:

  • They bring the owner immense luck
  • If the hole is looked through hidden faeries and other supernatural beings
  • They can indicate if a person is telling porky pies
  • They ward off witches and supernatural beings
  • They negate negative magic
  • They can heal minor ailments and diseases

These powers can only be used if the user has found the Hag Stone and not bought it, stole it or been gifted it. They will only work if the user has found it in the natural world and claimed it as their own.

Hag Stones have particular relation with the Fae, as well as warding faeries off and allowing you to see through their glamours there is a ritual you may perform with these artefacts.

Despite their general state being to banish faeries, if you wish to attract some, you can pour morning dew through a Hag Stone hole and anoint yourself with it. 

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Other rituals that can be practised with these objects, include a fertility ritual, a ritual for increased mental balance and safety while seafaring. 

For the fertility ritual, you must find a Hag Stone that is big enough to walk or crawl through, while most Hag Stones are pebble sized there are a few that are more of a boulder. You must then link hands with your partner then go through together. If all goes well you will be blessed with a baby.

For the ritual of mental healing and balance, tie a Hag Stone to your bedpost or headboard. The next time you take a nap you will be graced with calmness, enhanced mood and other benefits that resemble meditation.

For the final ritual you must nail a Hag Stone to the side of your seacraft, make sure to secure it very tightly in order to make sure it does not fall into the watery depths of the ocean. After you have done this folklore states that storms and rough tides will be dissuaded from coming your way as will all manner of malevolent sea spirits.

While at sea, Hag Stones could also be utilised for breaking up storms, this also applies on land. In order to do this simply tie a string or rope through the Hag Stone and swirl it around your head, this will dispel the gathering storms.

Wishing with a Hag Stone

Another use for these versatile geological wonders is their facilities as Wish Stones, if you place your Hag Stone in your left palm and rub it in a clockwise fashion while focusing on a desire you have it will help make sure that your wish is a bit more likely to be fulfilled.   

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The reasoning behind Hag Stones is interesting; many people believe that due to the fact running water repels the monstrous and Hag Stones are formed by running water that this aspect is passed on to them. 

An older explanation for the creation of Hag Stones exists; that they are the remains of a snake’s hardened saliva with the hole being caused by the snake’s tongue. While we now know that they are created by erosion this explanation created the still-used term of Adder Stones.  

So be alert while at the beach or riverside, a powerful charm may be resting at your feet.

How Rare Are Hag Stones?

The frequency with which hag stones are found depends on a variety of factors, such as the geographic location, the type of rock in the area, and the degree of erosion.

In some areas, hag stones are relatively common and can be found on beaches, riverbanks, or in fields. In other areas, they may be more rare and difficult to find. However, because hag stones have been used for centuries in folklore and traditional medicine, they continue to be a sought-after item for those interested in natural or spiritual practices.

Overall, the rarity of hag stones varies depending on location and availability, but they can generally be found with some effort and luck.

Do you use Hag Stones? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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  1. Found one next to to my Buddhist Shrine this morning. A place where we keep objects from people we have lost. Seen it out of the corner of my eye I had no idea what it was. Mine is flat the size of a silver dollar and almost perfectly round with the whole perfectly centered in the middle. Fascinating to read about I’m going to wear it around my neck for now on

  2. I found mine next to a gate in the Peak District,it sits on my bedside table,life has been quite positive since I found it…!


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