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Nicky Proctor, founder of Into the Shadows Paranormal Investigations, from King’s Lynn in Norfolk, tells Spooky Isles about their quest to uncover the mysteries of the unknown…

Nicky Proctor (centre) and The Into The Shadows Paranormal Investigations King's Lynn Team
Nicky Proctor (centre) and The Into The Shadows Paranormal Investigations King’s Lynn Team

Do ghosts exist? For Nicky Proctor and her team at Into The Shadows Paranormal Investigations in King’s Lynn, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Since their formation in January 2022, the team has been investigating the paranormal and sharing their experiences with the world. Their passion for the supernatural and their dedication to uncovering its mysteries is inspiring.

According to Nicky, who also runs The Original King’s Lynn Ghost Tour, “We believe that ghosts are an energy that comes in many forms and can manifest in a number of ways. It may be the retelling of a past event through stone-tape theory, or it could be a sentient entity that can interact with the world around it. Or it’s just dust!”

The team’s first experience was at Cobbles Tea Room in King’s Lynn, where they had several interesting things happen. Nicky recounts, “We connected with the spirit of a young boy in the kitchens, and had some really clear, child-like responses answering questions on the spirit box. We have since been back, and it’s a fantastic place!”

The team always looks for logical explanations where possible and does not expect everything that happens to be evidence. For them, it is the collective experiences from a location taken together in context that make them consider ghosts to be real. Nicky explains, “It’s the unexplained sounds, responses on the K-II, or shadows in the corner of the eye that keep us coming back.”

To prepare for an investigation, the team plans as much as possible weeks before the event, and find a balance between being prepared and overly researching beforehand. They avoid confirmation biases by not reading up on the history or who is supposed to be haunting or in visitation at the location. Nicky emphasizes, “That way, we can be less likely to influence any results and remain objective. And make sure all our batteries are fully charged!”

For those interested in joining them on an investigation, Nicky and her team encourage them to keep an open mind and take part as much as possible. “You bring your own energy to the location, so do what you are comfortable with, and most importantly, have fun – that way, even if you don’t see a full-bodied apparition, you will remember it for weeks after,” Nicky says.

While they use a variety of tools and equipment on their investigations, including the spirit box, K-II meter, and EMF detector, Nicky believes their best tool is each other. “We get on really well, and there is always good energy in the room when we’re investigating,” she says.

The team has had many amazing shared experiences across True’s Yard, from the cottages to the smokehouse. According to Nicky, “There’s too much to pinpoint. We have been incredibly lucky with the places we’ve been to so far.”

When it comes to what makes a great haunted location, Nicky jokes, “Ghosts, of course!” If the team could investigate any haunted location, they would choose Tower of London, Galleries of Justice, or Castle Rising. However, they’re always on the lookout for fantastic local places that are currently eluding them.

You can find out more about Into The Shadows Paranormal Investigations, King’s Lynn on its Facebook Page.


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