Learn Garlic’s Natural And Supernatural Powers And Benefits

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From ancient Egyptian funeral rites to Victorian gothic horror and beyond, the magical and sacred uses of garlic have been recognised and exploited by cultures throughout the ages. JAMES WILLIS discovers the spiritual benefits of garlic…

Garlic has many benefits, including supernatural power!
Garlic has many benefits, including supernatural power!

All self-respecting horror aficionados know that garlic repels vampires. But that remarkable ability is but one of its miraculous virtues.

Garlic, both cultivated and wild, grows all over the world: it has been used by humans for so long that no one can say for sure where it originated.

Many cultures have celebrated the supposed magical and protective properties of garlic.

Put garlic in pocket to protect yourself and use spiritual uses of garlic

  • Garlic was (and still is) believed to protect against wreckage and drowning, leading sailors to take cloves on deck.
  • Throughout Europe, garlic was historically placed in the home to keep out all forms of evil, and in particular it was hung above the doorway to ward off the evil eye.
  • Wearing garlic about the person was believed to protect against inclement weather, monsters and enemy attack.
  • Biting into garlic could repel evil spirits, and it was frequently placed beneath children’s pillows to protect them in their sleep.
  • Brides carried cloves of garlic in their pockets to bring them luck and keep ill fortune at bay, and rubbing garlic onto pots and pans before use was supposed to remove mystical negativity which may otherwise have contaminated the food.
  • Garlic was also a key ingredient in traditional spells designed to ward off ailments such as hepatitis.

Garlic was a powerful medicine in ancient times

Ancient lore holds that one could deter unwanted suitors by placing a garlic bulb, stuck with two crossed pins, at a road junction. If the would-be Romeo was lured across the bulb, their interest would magically evaporate.

The ancient Egyptians revered garlic as a sacred plant, and it adorned the tombs of the Pharaohs. Like the Europeans, they also believed that wreaths of garlic  protected sleeping children from breath-sucking, murderous spirits.

In rural Romania and the Balkans, where vampire mythology is very much alive, garlic remains the weapon of choice in the constant battle against Nosferatu.

Here,  garlic is left on windowsills, doorframes and gates, and it is smeared onto the horns of cattle.

There are many spiritual uses and benefit of garlic - not just for warding off vampires!
There are many spiritual uses and benefit of garlic – not just for warding off vampires!

The magical allium is sometimes placed into the mouths of deceased relatives to prevent their soul from re-entering the body, and to block wandering evil spirits who may otherwise reanimate the corpse.

In the Far East, and the West Indies, superstitious parents still smear garlic onto children’s foreheads to protect them from black magic and vampiric attack.

The magical properties of garlic are not believed to be absolute. It is said that the bulb loses it’s magical powers when rubbed with a magnet or lodestone.

Magic aside, traditional medicine has always held the ‘stinking rose’ to be something of a wonder drug.

It has been credited with healing or staving off everything from the common cold to the plague.

To cure a skin ailment, people would rub the affected area with a cut clove: the clove was then washed and thrown away, supposedly taking the affliction with it.

Science and folklore agree garlic benefits are powerful

Today, folklore and science unite in their continued acceptance of the positive and protective benefits of garlic, albeit from opposing perspectives.

Modern science has proved that garlic has powerful antibiotic properties, and it is thought to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure. Garlic also has a strong antioxidant effect, protecting the body from damaging free radicals.

Whether you are a vampire hunter, folklorist, healer, food scientist, or simply a keen consumer of tasty food, one cannot deny the impact that the humble bulb has had upon the human mind, body, spirit and culture

And the good news is, garlic couldn’t be easier to grow.

Traditionally planted on the shortest day of the year, and harvested on the longest – why not give it a go?

Learn how to grow garlic


  1. It protects me from my vampiric boyfriend who use me for my sexy luscious body. It gives me the breath of power & they all move away from me as soon as I open my mouth. Yum yum more garlic for me oh yesh please

      • Use it last thing before you go to bed. Crush it anf mix with sea salt and bath with it for 7 days, but you have to be very prayerful.

        How To Use Salt & Garlic In Breaking Spiritual Problems

        Garlic is believed to have an exceptional power of repelling and breaking evil spirits.

        Salt especially sea salt has an ancient recognition of cleansing the body,soul and mind both spiritually and physically.

        It was also used by our forefathers and ancestors to purify the land when they notices any sign of negativity.

        Blend some garlic
        Put it in a clean bowl
        Get a clean water and boil it to be warm
        Add some salt to the warm water( any salt will do)
        Gently put the blended garlic into the mixture of the salt and warm water.
        Sieve the warm mixture, collect the liquid and discard the chaffs

        How to use it:
        Pour small amount of the liquid into your bathing water.
        You are to use it for rinsing your body only without soap, that is after you must have had your normal night bath with your soap and sponge .
        Pray as you bath with it.
        Do not use towel after the bath.

        When to use:
        Use only at night, let it be the last thing you do before going to bed.
        Do the bath for 7 nights, you can repeat after 7 night.

        Things you may experience when you begin the bath.👇

        *Start to loose friends who has bad spirits
        *Terrible dreams
        *Positivity in business and finances
        *Healthy Marriage and marriage proposals
        *Favor and good luck
        *People will begin to fight you both spiritual and physical.

        Thank you

  2. I feel like am not luck in my life and I want to try it now my question is it ok to use with any other common salt for mixture?


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