10 Great Monster Songs For Your Halloween Party!

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Here are 10 monster songs that go bump in the night, perfect for your Halloween party, from ANN MASSEY 

Halloween is my favourite time of year and there is nothing better than reading about the creatures of the night listening to music. Put the two together and you end up with a musical menagerie of eclectic creatures, music and lyrics by British and Irish artists equally as eclectic! 

Monster songs for you to enjoy!

Werewolf – Smith, Lyle & Moore

Jack Moore might be the son of blues legend and Thin Lizzy man Gary Moore, however he has proved beyond a doubt he is to be recognised as a formidable musician himself. This eclectic trio touch on the angst of man, with Werewolf being a demonstration of how easily humankind can become animalistic and brutal. 

“…And some days I am a mother fucking werewolf
I am a cannibal that eats himself alive

So if you see me tonight on the floor or the ceiling
It depends how I’m feeling, maybe you’ll take me home
And I’ll climb your mountains and build a castle around it
But bring your silver bullets just in case…”

Zombie – The Cranberries

Monster songs: Dolores O’Riordan in the video for The Cranberries' Zombie
Dolores O’Riordan in the video for The Cranberries’ Zombie

While Dolores O’Riordan sadly had her own demons to fight, Zombie in fact refers to a different demon – that of war. Zombie was a description of the controlled and brain-washed who continued to incite violence and hatred on all sides in Northern Ireland. The catalyst for this anthem was the 1993 bombing in Warrington

“…It’s the same old theme
Since nineteen-sixteen
In your head, in your head, they’re still fighting
With their tanks, and their bombs
And their bombs, and their guns
In your head, in your head, they are dying

In your head, in your head

Love Song For A Vampire – Annie Lennox

This haunting ballad was written and performed as the end credit song for Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 movie, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was released as a double A side with Little Bird, which itself was used for end credits in an episode of The Sopranos. Poetic and soulful, Annie Lennox says she was inspired by not Bram Stoker so much as Anne Rice! 

“Come into these arms again
And lay your body down
The rhythm of this trembling heart
Is beating like a drum

It beats for you, it bleeds for you
It know not how it sound
For it is the drum of drums
It is the Song of Songs…”

Waking the Witch – Kate Bush

This offering from the Queen of the ethereal tune is all about the music and production. Starting with lightness and positive energy, it slowly spirals into a fight between good and evil, descending into darkness, all dictated by clever use of uncomfortable notes, vocal resonance and tempo, with the lyrics being the mere backdrop. 

“…I question your innocence
She’s a witch 
(Help this blackbird, there’s a stone around my leg)
Ha, damn you, woman 
(Help this blackbird, there’s a stone around my leg)
What say you, good people 
(Guilty, guilty, guilty)
Well, are you responsible for your actions? 
(This blackbird)
Not guilty (help this blackbird)
Wake up the witch”

Dr. Frankenstein – Jack Savoretti 

The London born folk/Indie musician makes full use of his Italian genes in performing this one – not many could sing about Dr. Frankenstein as a energising life lesson! With lyrics addressing Dr. Frankenstein directly, once again the monsters are those of the mind of man under scrutiny as opposed to corporeal creations. For such a light and pleasant tune, it has a lot of depth! 

“The Dr. Frankenstein, with all the things you’ve brought to life
Tell me, are you satisfied, or are you happy now?
Dr. Frankenstein
There’s innocence in every crime
Some in yours and some in mine
But it shouldn’t be allowed…”

Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde – The Who

This tune would fit into any Hammer Horror montage, the composition clearly constructed to provoke feelings of fear and unease. Through in the lyrics and see-saw effect of the tune, it spirals into insanity, which is what Entwistle was after – the song is about the battle Keith Moon had with alcohol.

“Mister Hyde, Mister Hyde, Mister Hyde, Mister Hyde, Hyde.
When I drink my potion my character changes,
My whole mind and body rearranges,
This strange transformation takes place in me,
Instead of myself everybody can see…”

Read more about The WHo’s Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde here.

Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones

This started out life as both Fallen Angels and The Devil Is My Name, before the Stones settled on Sympathy for the Devil. Written in the first person, it is Satan bragging about the impact he has made on the world by unleashing horror throughout history. 

“…Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change
Killed the czar and his ministers
Anastasia screamed in vain…”

Read more about The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil

Jack the Ripper – Screaming Lord Sutch 

Screaming Lord Sutch took his horror themed antics to the stage way before the likes of Alice Cooper and his signature was to emerge onto the stage in a black coffin. The BBC banned Jack the Ripper immediately on release. With an intro of footsteps following by a piercing scream, worthy of any old black and white horror, it develops into something quite catchy! 

“…There’s a man who walks the streets of London late at night
The Ripper, Jack The Ripper
With a little black bag that’s oh-so tight
The Ripper, Jack The Ripper
He’s got a big black cloak hangin’ down his back
The Ripper, Jack The Ripper
Well, that’s a one big cat I just a hate to fight
The Ripper, Jack The Ripper…”

Dullahan – Sam Kelly

Bristol born Sam Kelly was enthralled by the terrifying Irish tales told to him by his grandfather and he decided to put some of them to music. The Dullahan is part of the fairy realm relating to evil. He is malicious, hunting the souls of the dying in the night. He is also known as Gan Ceann, meaning without a head. 

“…Fear this blade UnSeelie made

To turn inside of you

Running like a shadow…”

Her Ghost In The Fog – Cradle of Filth

There are no metaphors here. A gothic horror tale in the metal storytelling style of Cradle of Filth and the dulcet tones of Dani. Happy Halloween! 

The Moon, she hangs like a cruel portrait
Soft winds whisper the bidding of trees
As this tragedy starts with a shattered glass heart
And the Midnightmare trampling of dreams
But no, no tears please
Fear and pain may accompany Death
But it is desire that shepherds it’s certainty
As We shall see

She was divinity’s creature
That kissed in cold mirrors
A Queen of snow
Far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry
Sought Her everywhere
Dark liquored eyes
An Arabian nightmare

She shone on watercolors
Of my pond life as pearl
Until those who couldn’t have Her
Cut Her free of this World

That fateful Eve when
The trees stank of sunset and camphor
Their lanterns chased phantoms and threw
An inquisitive glance, like the shadows they cast
On my love picking rue by the light of the moon

Putting reason to flight
Or to death as their way
They crept through woods mesmerized
By the taffeta Ley
Of Her hips that held sway
Over all they surveyed
Save a mist on the rise
(A deadly blessing to hide)
Her ghost in the fog

They raped left
(Five men of God)
Her ghost in the fog

Dawn discovered Her there
Beneath the Cedar’s stare
Silk dress torn, Her raven hair
Flown to gown Her beauty bared
Was starred with frost, I knew Her lost
I wept ’til tears crept back to prayer

She’d sworn Me vows in fragrant blood
“Never to part
Lest jealous Heaven stole our hearts”

Then this I screamed:
“Come back to Me
I was born in love with thee
So why should fate stand in between?”

And as I drowned Her gentle curves
With dreams unsaid and final words
I espied a gleam trodden to earth
The Church bell tower key…”

The village mourned her by the by
For She’d been a witch
Their Men had longed to try
And I broke under Christ seeking guilty signs
My tortured soul on ice

A Queen of snow
Far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry
Sought Her everywhere
Trappistine eyes
An Arabian nightmare

She was Ersulie possessed
Of a milky white skin
My porcelain Yin
A graceful Angel of Sin

And so for Her
The breeze stank of sunset and camphor
My lantern chased Her phantom and blew
Their Chapel ablaze and all locked in to a pain
Best reserved for judgment that their bible construed

Putting reason to flight
Or to flame unashamed
I swept form cries
By the taffeta Ley
Or Her hips that held sway
Over all those at bay
Save a mist on the rise
A final blessing to hide
Her ghost in the fog

And I embraced
Where lovers rot
Her ghost in the fog

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