Meet The Paragals, Wexford Paranormal Team


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The Paragals, consisting of Lisa, Karen, Serena, and Emma, are a newly-formed paranormal investigation team from County Wexford, Ireland. JOHN AMBROSE MARTIN spoke with them about their approach and their most memorable experiences in the field.


Interview with the Paragals

JOHN AMBROSE MARTIN: What kicked off the interest in the Paranormal for you?

PARAGALS: We will let Serena answer this one as it’s more of less a similar story for all of us.

Serena: I have always been interested in the paranormal, I feel I am sensitive and have had a few experiences. I had seen there was a public investigation in Loftus Hall and was interested in going. I convinced Karen to come along, she had no interest in the paranormal at the time, but wanted to get a proper “behind the scenes” look at Loftus Hall. I think the rest of us are pretty much the same or very similar.

JAM: Did you have any supernatural experiences as a child?

Serena: Not that I remember as a child, but I have had a few that stand out that started when I was around 18, one being when I was house/pet sitting for close family. I put my fully-packed suitcase down in front of the wardrobe door, that was in the crawlspace of the attic, left it pushed up to the door as I don’t like crawlspaces. I left the room and went downstairs, made dinner, watched TV and chilled in front of the fire for the evening.

When I went to the bedroom to go to bed, I noticed my suitcase had moved away from the door and the door was open a good bit! I just brushed it off and pushed it out of my mind only to be woken in the middle of the night from a burning sensation on my foot and upon further inspection my foot had been scratched in the shape of a devil’s trident.

JAM: Can you remember your first Investigation?

Lisa: My first investigation was a public investigation in Wicklow Gaol. It was Karen who convinced me to try it.

Serena: Mine was a public investigation in Loftus Hall.

Karen: Mine was also in Loftus Hall on a public night – we actually had lots of experiences that night including something being thrown across the room!

Emma: Mine was a public investigation on Spike Island around this time last year. Which was actually our first “unofficial” Paragals investigation before we had actually formed the team!

Paragals logo

JAM: Can you tell me a little bit about what made you take the step from going as a member of the public to investigations to forming a dedicated team? 

Serena: I think we realised we were like minded in how we investigate and really enjoyed doing it together. We also felt that we had gotten as much as we could from public night. It was myself and Karen who initially thought why not, let’s do this. Emma and Serena quickly joined the team after that.

JAM: What was been your favourite location to investigate to date?

PARAGALS: Loftus Hall because that’s where it all started for us and we haven’t felt energy like that anywhere else yet!

JAM: Are you a believer, a non believer or somewhere in the middle?

Lisa: I think I can answer for all of us on this one, when I say we are sceptical believers. It’s always good to remain sceptical and have an open mind when you go into an investigation because who can say with 100% certainty that what one person’s experiences are real or not? 

JAM: What are you opinions on using technology and what is your most favourite piece of equipment?

PARAGALS: As a group we would probably all agree that we trust our own intuition the best on an investigation however it is always nice when technology backs up what you are experiencing. Karen and Serena really enjoy using dowsing rods as you can really feel the energy through them.

JAM: What would you do if a full body apparition appeared in front of you and said “Hello!”?

PARAGALS: Karen would hopefully not have a heart attack and stand her ground, Serena would hopefully stutter out a hello and start a conversation if she didn’t pass out first and Lisa would retire because she would have finally found the proof she needs – seriously though Lisa would finally be able to leave her scepticism behind and then ask a LOT of questions!!

JAM: Can each of you name a “bucket list” haunted location you either have or would like to visit at some point? 

PARGALS:  In Ireland, it was Leap Castle but now that we have experienced that it would probably be Charles Fort, unfortunately it’s an Office of Public Works (OPW) site though. If we are talking worldwide, the Sallie House or The Ancient Ram Inn or Waverly Hills Asylum in the USA.

JAM: Your team attended Day Of The Unexplained Paranormal Convention in Ireland. What did you take away from the day? 

PARAGALS: First off this was a great day. And a huge thanks to Anthony and everyone involved for their hard work. We have a new found interest in parapsychology as a result and there were really interesting speakers. Inspired to start an online parapsychology course! 

JAM: Finally… who are the Paragals gonna call?

PARAGALS: We would call Paragals because if you want a job done right, do it yourself!

Find out more about the Paragals.


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