Paranormal and Psychology

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Norwich-based writer TRACY MONGER discusses her new book, Paranormal and Psychology

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Tracy Monger has written a book of her thoughts and experiences: Paranormal and Psychology.

Since I was a child, I have had paranormal experiences.  Some experiences I would put under the unexplained, as they would not be your typical paranormal or haunting.

Growing up in a haunted farmhouse gave me an interest in the paranormal and made me a believer.  In 2001, I started to take this further and I started a paranormal group in 2003.

Over the years of investigating, I have learnt that the mind is a wonderful thing, which can distort what we perceive, sometimes with help from environmental issues.  But not all experiences can be explained through psychology or the environment.

In my book, I cover the psychology of the paranormal, Where does the belief of the paranormal come from, perception and how most people can explain the paranormal through psychology.  I also discuss why everyone does not hear or see the same thing even if everyone is in the same area or in close proximity to each other.

Other questions asked: What influence can researching a location and writing down activity have on how we perceive what happens?  And could this depend on when we do the research and when we make notes of the activity gained on an investigation?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) can play a major factor while investigating but it is important to understand how EMF can affect us.  Wind Turbines, Mobile phone /radio masts can emit EMF and noting if there are any in the area can be helpful for unexplainable EMF readings.
Equipment such as, the KII, spirit box and stud gun are discussed, I personally feel a stud gun should be standard alongside the KII or any other EMF meters.

Environmental factors such as earthquake/seismic activity, the moon and solar and geomagnetic activity can been seen as important and could suggest all have an effect in different areas of psychology and environment.
Apophenia, Pareidolia, ideomotor, mass hysteria, hysterical contagion and cognitive illusions, EVP through Dictaphone or spirit box are discussed, with some examples.
Orbs are discussed from a photographic angle and examples of explainable photos are included. Most orbs can be explained but there are still a lot of people that feel that orbs on photos are spirits.

I give suggestions for investigation checks and for private places, but I do realise not everyone will agree with my suggestions.

I have recently done a few blind investigations, where the people attending do not know where they are going.   I found these nights interesting and I will continue to do more of these as part of my research.

I have included in the appendices results of experiments I have done with various pieces of equipment, but mainly the spirit box.

I have written the book through my own personal experiences of being an investigator.   I am not saying I am right but I feel the areas I have covered in the book are important and should not be over looked while investigating the paranormal.  More research is needed in most areas.  If more research is done, data is gathered, and then maybe we can work out if any of the areas covered in the book do or do not have an effect.  For many people, doing this will conflict with their person beliefs system.

Paranormal and Psychology by Tracy Monger

TRACY MONGER, Spooky Isles East of England correspondent, is a paranormal investigator with Mysteries of Paranormal Research Association (MOPRA), based in Norwich, Norfolk. You can follow her on Facebook here. Read her articles for Spooky Isles here.


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