Red Room (2017) Review


CHRIS RUSH attended the premiere of controversial new Irish Film, Red Room at the Underground Cinema Festival in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.
TITLE: Red Room
RELEASED:  31st August 2017
STARRING: Brian Fortune, Eddie Jackson and Cristina Ryan
WRITER: Stephen Gaffney, Erica Keegan
DIRECTOR: Stephen Gaffney
‘Red Room’ centres around three young females who have been kidnapped and locked into a room in an old house in a desolate area. Remaining captive in a holding area for what seems like an eternity, the terrified women are kept nourished without any idea as to the reason. As the movie develops you are quickly drawn to a room of glowing red across the way from the makeshift prison cell and judging by horrific screams coming from inside the scarlet chamber, you can’t help but think that it isn’t going to end well for these women.
With some very nice camera shots and up close and personal action, Red Room does give a feeling of edginess and nervous anticipation, however there are certain aspects of the movie which leave the veteran horror viewer wondering “why didn’t they just do that?!”
Red Room does bring other movies such as ‘Hostel’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ to mind, which is more of a respectful nod to its well-established counterparts but it does very much have its own twist that will have the viewer questioning the onscreen violence and the real culprits of the atrocities.
I want to particularly mention the soundtrack as I feel it really adds to the movie and really helps get the heart pumping while watching the scenes unfold in front of you.
Overall Red Room relies on a lot of shock value to carry it through and I think it achieved what it set out to do, judging by the audience’s reaction after the premiere.


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