Southampton’s Dolphin Hotel guests come face-to-face with ghosts!


Six spectres haunt the historic halls of the Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel, says RICK HALE

Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel
34-35 High Street,
Southampton, SO14 2HN

Southampton's Dolphin Hotel guests come face-to-face with ghosts! 1
Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel

The city of Southampton, which sits at the intersection of the Rivers Test and Itchen, has been an important port city in the southwest of England for many centuries.

The city is home to the longest stretch of medieval walls in England as well as a number of grand historic houses.

Situated near the city centre is the Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel, a Grade II listed, 4 star hotel that boasts six supernatural entities sure to make your skin crawl.

History of Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel

Reference to the Dolphin Hotel can be found in documents dating as far back as 1454.

However, some parts of the hotel are believed to be much older with remnants of mediaeval timbers and stone vaulting being evident in the building.

Southampton's Dolphin Hotel guests come face-to-face with ghosts! 2
The hotel’s most active ghost appears to be the apparition of a young chambermaid named, Molly.

Throughout its history as a coaching inn the Dolphin Hotel has played host to several historically significant people.

Queen Victoria and Admiral Lord Nelson were frequent guests.

And Jane Austen, author of Pride and Prejudice, among other titles, celebrated her 18th birthday in the hotel’s ballroom.

From 1750 to 1820, Southampton was a well known spa town and the Dolphin Hotel was a popular social center.

Haunting of The Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel

Whenever a hotel boasts of its highly active spirit residents, it’s safe to maintain a certain level of scepticism concerning the claims.

Nevertheless, both guests and staff over the years have made numerous reports of coming face to face with the ghosts said to haunt the hotel.

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Reports that would make even the most hardened sceptic pause and take notice.

Molly The Chambermaid

The hotel’s most active ghost appears to be the apparition of a young chambermaid named, Molly.

The story goes that Molly killed herself after her affections were spurned by a cruel young man she fell in love with.

Molly has been witnessed wandering the halls of the hotel with a strange feature to her ghost.

Molly’s legs appear to be stuck below floor level, leading many to believe she is nothing more than a psychic imprint left in the environment at a time when the floor was much lower.

Medieval Vaults

Below the oldest parts of the hotel can be found vaults dating back to the 12th century.

In this rarely visited part of the hotel the apparitions of an elderly man and a young boy have been glimpsed wandering in the shadows.

Staff of the hotel believe the elderly man was a barrelman and the young boy his apprentice.

Considering their style of clothes some feel that these two ghosts were two people who died when the plague wiped out half the population of England.

If you’re brave enough to venture into the vaults it’s said that you will hear the voices of the barrelman and the boy and can watch as they go about their work.


The apparition of a large man in Georgian attire has been seen in the large bay window in the ballroom.

Since at least 1750, people passing by the window have noticed that the spirit known as, ‘Beau’ appears to be sad and troubled.

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It’s theorised that Beau may have died in the ballroom as he watched out the window waiting for the return of a loved one.

The Grey Lady

The apparition of a woman in a grey dress has been spotted gliding silently through the first floor bedrooms seemingly unaware of her surroundings.

However, as recent as 2004, that belief was abandoned when an employee reported seeing the grey lady as she played with the bow in her hair.

The Poltergeist

Guests and staff alike have reported doors being slammed and wardrobes opening and closing on their own.

This entity believed to be a poltergeist appears to be more mischievous than threatening in it’s good natured pranks.

What the Hotel Offers

The Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel is conveniently located near the Southampton city Centre.

This hotel offers comfortable, tastefully decorated en-suite rooms.

The hotel’s Signature Restaurant has gained a reputation for serving great food in a relaxing environment.

And the hotel has the facilities to accommodate both weddings and conferences.

Out And About

The city of Southampton and it’s surrounding area is home to several notable sightseeing destinations.

The Beaulieu National Motor Museum is nearby. And the city offers several walking tours where you can learn about Southampton’s historic past.

The very haunted and Historic Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel, is the perfect place to stay when visiting the ancient city of Southampton.


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