We’re pleased to announce the publication of The Spooky Isles Book of Horror Vol. 1!

Well-established dark literary voices and new writers explore the UK and Ireland’s darkest horror and folklore, from long-dead serial killers to malignant fairies, evil cults, spontaneous human combustion, vengeful dogs and black dogs…

You can grab your copy here at Amazon – it’s available on Kindle and print – and tell us what you think!

It’s taken over a year to go from our initial shout out to writers to actual publication. The 240 page tome is packed full of everything the Spooky Isles has become known for over the past eight years – creepy horror, folklore and the paranormal!

The Spooky Isles Book of Horror Vol. 1 includes 20 short horror stories, with additional articles from the authors telling the folktales and true life horrors the inspired them.

Big thanks to Andrew Garvey, Jon Kaneko-James and all the fantastic writers who made this publication possible.

NEW RELEASE! Grab your copy of The Spooky Isles Book of Horror!


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