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Now is the Night: Barry McCann Author Interview

Barry McCann and Now is the Night
Spooky Isles talks to Lancashire-based author Barry McCann about his new ghost anthology, Now is the Night...

Martyrs Lane 2021 REVIEW

A troubled child thinks she's found a friend in a ghostly visitor, but is the spectral guest as benevolent as she seems? RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES takes a trip down Martyrs Lane.

The Woman In Black 1989 Blu-Ray REVIEW

The Woman in Black 1989
The Woman In Black 1989 Blu-Ray version is finally here with a very welcome restoration. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES revisits a true classic ghost story.

The Amazing Mr Blunden 1972 BLU-RAY REVIEW

Classic British children’s ghost story The Amazing Mr. Blunden 1972 gets a long-overdue upgrade to Blu-ray, courtesy of Second Sight Films. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES takes...

Real-life M.R. James locations every fan must visit

Scenes from A Warning to the Curious, filmed at Happisburgh Church
Here are the locations you can visit that inspired English horror writer M.R. James, thanks to EDDIE BRAZIL

The Tractate Middoth: Who was Doctor Rant?

Who was Dr Rant
What inspired Dr Rant's burial in The Tractate Middoth? Guest writer MATTHEW E BANKS comes up with some ideas!

A Morbid Curiosity: The Art of Montague Rhodes James

Guest writer MATTHEW E BANKS explores M.R. James' influence on modern horror culture

Rosemary Timperley, The Greatest Horror Writer You’ve Never Heard Of

Rosemary Timperley is a forgotten English horror/ghost writer who deserves more attention that she gets, says MICHAEL S COLLINS

Grab your copy of The Spooky Isles Book of Horror Vol....

We're pleased to announce the publication of The Spooky Isles Book of Horror Vol. 1!

5 alternatives to ‘Ghost Stories for Christmas’ you may not have...

Adrian Dunbar and Emma Thompson in The Blue Boy.
DR MARK FRYERS takes us to times of Christmas past with these little-known yuletide spookfests!

Everything I know about Haunted Houses I learned from British literature

Guest blogger DANIEL W CHEELY says British books inspired his love for haunted houses...

Who ‘invented’ the Christmas Ghost Story?

BARRY McCANN takes a look at the traditional English Christmas Ghost Story

Essex Author Robert Hallmann Talks Ghosts and Dark History

Robert Hallmann
Essex historian and photographer Robert Hallmann talks to NIA JONES about his work including Essex Ghost Tales

James Turner’s St Christopher Medallion and Borley Rectory

MICHAEL S. COLLINS introduces us to a mostly unknown ghost story by a man at the centre of a very famous haunting

The Ghosts of M.R. James: A Guide to Curious Phantoms

MR James birthday
EDDIE BRAZIL explores whether M.R. James' ghost stories were based on real life paranormal events


North Dublin’s 7 spookiest places to visit

Clontarf Castle Hotel in North Dublin
North Dublin native and guest writer DOMINIC McELROY tells us of his 7 favourite spooky locations on the dark side of the River Liffey!

Ghostly Memories of Haunted Hale

Hale Postcard
ROBIN WHEELER recalls some haunted memories of growing up in spooky Hale, now part of Greater Manchester

Canterbury: Haunted Places to Visit

Canterbury is an ancient city that retains its medieval feel. Here are some haunted places you can visit in the pilgrim city.

My 5 Top Scottish Ghosthunting Spots

Scottish Ghosthunting
DAVID BARRETT shares his top five locations to visit in search of ghostly activity in Scotland

Top 10 Most Disturbing Welsh Folk Legends

CLAIRE BARRAND reveals some of Wales' most disturbing folk legends...