The Station Hotel Most Haunted REVIEW

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CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look back at The Station Hotel, Most Haunted episode

Episode Title: The Station
Location: Dudley, West Midlands

Series: 2 Episode Number: 20
Originally broadcast: 2003

Medium: Derek Acorah
Parapsychologist: Phil Whyman, Dr. Matthew Smith & Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe

The Station Hotel Most Haunted REVIEW 1

The building itself dates back to 1863 and many guests as well as staff members have reported numerous paranormal sightings and experiences at the Station Hotel over the years. 

The cellar is one of the most active parts of the hotel as it was where a young maid was murdered past a previous landlord, who then dumped her body in a beer barrel. The landlord was found guilty of her murder and was hanged for his wicked actions. 

One member of staff was in the cellar and having turned her back for a second, realised that the beer barrels had been moved by forces unseen. She was absolutely positive that there was no one else down in the cellar with her when this strange occurrence happened. This is just some of the poltergeist activity that has been reported; in fact The Station Hotel has more than its fair share of poltergeist activity. Terrifyingly, there have been knives thrown across the room at people and the ghostly image of an elderly gentleman has been seen sitting at a table. Could this man be responsible for the dangerous activity that has been reported?

Within many of the guest bedrooms, people have awoken in the middle of the night only to find a woman in white standing over them. It is said that this could be the spirit of the young maid who was murdered in the cellar, as her poor tormented soul is unable to rest. Guests have often went to reception in the middle of the night, traumatised and in tears after witnessing the spectral visitor. 

With Derek arriving, the team begin the investigation in the basement area of the building and immediately senses that a murder has taken place here. He picks up on the name ‘George’ who was the proprietor who murdered the young chambermaid by strangulation. 

Further on with the lights out, Derek senses child who is playful, but the energy changes when he senses the spirit of the murdered woman, who looks over the child and is very protective towards him. 

While the group are sitting in the dark asking out for the murdered woman, a few lights are seen moving across the camera, commonly believed to be orbs (or specks of dust). Yvette, not for the first time this episode, burns up extremely quickly and in no time at all, the feeling has dissipated. Meanwhile Karl is suffering an extreme headache when Derek states that a spirit has walked into the room – he believes this is again George. When the spirit walks out, Karl’s headache disappears. 

When the team momentarily turn the lights back on to decide collectively where to explore next, they notice that Cath has a series of clearly distinguished scratches on her face. 

While this is happening, and to no one else’s knowledge, Stuart decides to go exploring alone and do his own investigation. Clearly scared from the outset, Stuart becomes even more unnerved when he hears an unexplained banging voice. Continuing on, he decides to conduct his own séance and calls out to George to ask for proof of spirits in the cellar. However Stuart experiences nothing more.

Yvette and Phil move into one of the guest bedrooms to see if a male presence will make any difference in bringing the murdered woman forward. There is a small variety of noises, which are difficult to say whether paranormal in origin or not. 

And with that, Most Haunted‘s time at The Station Hotel in Dudley is over. Well, almost. Upon reviewing the tapes of their visit, they discover that a camera has picked up on a chair and bed moving of its own accord over a period of six minutes. Spooky!

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