10 Sycamore Tree Superstitions and Folklore You Should Know

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Sycamore trees, with their distinctive leaves and winged seeds, have long been a part of British folklore. Here are 10 superstitions and beliefs.

A Sycamore Tree growing out of Hadrian's Wall
A Sycamore Tree growing out of Hadrian’s Wall

1. Sycamore Trees are sacred.

In ancient Britain, sycamore trees were believed to be sacred and often associated with Druids. Druids considered sycamore trees held magical powers and were capable of giving spiritual guidance.

2. Their leaves can ward off evil spirits.

The leaves of the sycamore tree were thought to have the power to ward off evil spirits and protect against illness. In some places, sycamore leaves were placed under pillows to ward off nightmares and bad dreams.

3. Planting Sycamore trees can bring good fortune.

In some areas, it was believed that if you planted a sycamore tree in your garden, it would bring good luck and fortune. It was also believed that sycamore trees had the power to ward off negative energy and bring harmony and balance to the home.

4. The wood’s protective properties made it ideal for making shields and weapons.

Sycamore wood was used to make shields and weapons, as it was believed to have protective properties. The tree’s wood was also used to make bows and arrows, as well as furniture and other household items.

5. Sycamore seeds can be used in divination.

The seeds of the sycamore tree were often used in divination, as they were believed to provide insight into the future. These seeds were also used in love spells and other magical workings.

6. Some believe it can protect against lightning strikes.

It was believed that if a sycamore tree grew near a house, it would protect the home from lightning strikes. The sycamore was seen as a symbol of strength and stability. It was thought to provide a protective barrier against negative energy.

7. Sap from Sycamore trees has been used as a medicine.

Sycamore tree sap was believed to have medicinal properties and used to treat a variety of problems, including wounds, coughs and fevers. The sap was also used to make a type of syrup to sweeten food.

8. Sycamore trees are seen as a symbol of new beginnings.

Sycamore trees were associated with the element of air and were often used in rituals and spells related to communication, creativity and the intellect. Sycamores were also seen as a symbol of new beginnings and fresh starts.

9. Sycamore trees are trees for lovers.

In some parts of the UK, it was believed that if you carved your initials into the bark of a sycamore, it would ensure a long and happy life. The tree was also seen as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

10. Sycamore tree wood is strong and prized for its beauty.

The wood of the sycamore tree was valued for its beauty and durability and was often used to make furniture, musical instruments and other decorative items. Sycamore wood was also used to make barrels and other containers for food and drink.

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  1. Two Sycamores today were “raining” as we walked on a trail underneath them in a forest. No rain elsewhere, only a light, light “rain” falling directly from the leaves of the Sycamores. How does that happen? Why? Lovely experience but freaky.


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