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Cambridgeshire is a ceremonial county in the East of England. It includes Cambridge, Peterborough, Wisbech and St Neots.

Cambridgeshire articles on Spooky Isles


5 Spooky Reasons to Stay in Blackwater Castle, County Cork

Blackwater Castle in County Cork
ANN MASSEY tells us why Blackwater Castle is full of so much history, folklore and tales of haunting that you just have to find that special occasion to stay! 

Fiend without a Face 1958 REVIEW

Fiend without a Face 1958 review BY TERRY SHERWOOD

Cove’s Isie Caie, the Last Aberdeen Fish Wife

Isie Caie
Guest writer DUNCAN HARLEY tells us about Isie Caie, thought to be the last fish wife to hawk her wares from Cove to Aberdeen

Blood Of The Vampire 1958 REVIEW

First off the blocks to emulate Hammer's horror success? RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES revisits the gruesomely Technicolor effort, Blood Of The Vampire (1958).

Greater Manchester: A Hub of UFO Activity?

Manchester UFOs
Greater Manchester has been a magnet for UFO sightings for decades. RICK HALE looks at some of those most baffling cases...
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