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Horror and comics go back to the invention of the format, and continue to influence the genre in film and television.

Japanese-Irish folklore mix: Wayward Supernatual Comic REVIEW

Wayward turns Irish and Japanese folklore on its head in this supernatural comic, says CHRIS RUSH

‘Most modern horror sucks’ says UK comic book writer Adam Cheal

Theodore Paulsen from Terminus at Fenton Green
ANDREW GARVEY talks to comic book writer Adam Cheal about his work

Hellraiser Bestiary, a comic book series soaked in blood

Hellraiser Bestiary
ANDREW GARVEY takes a look at the Hellraiser Bestiary comic book series...

5 Best Jack the Ripper Comic Books You Must Read

Ripperologist JON REES selects his favourite Jack the Ripper comic books and graphic novels

From Hell, a graphic novel through the eyes of the Ripper

From Hell
Guest writer KATRINA SAUNDERSON reviews From Hell and the classic horror comics take on the grisly tale of Jack the Ripper


Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen of Ireland

Two queens: Grace O'Malley meets Elizabeth the First
Grace O'Malley was known as the Pirate Queen of Ireland, says ANN MASSEY

Six Haunted Airfields in England

Haunted Airfields
Guest Writer STEVIE MILLER uncovers some of the most incredible paranormal sightings attached to some of England’s airfields.

Thomas Vaughan: Great Yarmouth’s Greatest Grave Robber

JOSIE PALMER reveals Great Yarmouth has a dark history of body snatchers, the most famous being Thomas Vaughan

What is a Kelpie? Scotland’s Horses of Hell!

Kelpies are ferocious creatures, native to the waterways of Scotland, and aim to kill and eat as many humans as possible. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us more about these blood-thirsty monsters!

Uncanny: BBC Podcast Episode Guide

Danny Robins is the host of BBC Podcast series, Uncanny
Uncanny has taken over the airwaves of late, with host Danny Robins delving into some of the scariest tales of the paranormal. CHRISTINE MILLER revisits the hugely popular BBC Sounds series.