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Danny Robins is an English writer, performer, broadcaster and journalist, who has created many paranormal podcast series, including Haunted, The Battersea Poltergeist, Uncanny and The Witch House, as well as the play 2:22 A Ghost Story.


The Beast of Killakee: Demonic Entity or Ghostly Apparition?

Beast of Killakee
Unveiling the chilling legend of "The Beast of Killakee," ANN MASSEY leads us on a journey into the dark mysteries of Dublin's infamous Hellfire Club.

Does St Mark’s Eve rival Halloween as the spookiest day of the year?

St Mark's Eve
K.B. GODDARD tells of St Mark's Eve, 24 April, when the souls of the living leave their bodies and tell the future!

Inside Ballyseede Castle, Ireland’s Most Haunted Hotel

Ballyseede Castle
Why has Ballyseede Castle earned the title as one of the world's most haunted hotels? ANN MASSEY spends the night to find out!

Busby Stoop, Thirsk’s Cursed Chair

The Busby Stoop
The Busby Stoop from North Yorkshire is a haunted object with a violent backstory, writes LES HEWITT.

The Haunting of Redwood Castle, County Tipperary

Redwood Castle
ANN MASSEY heads to spooky Redwood Castle, County Tipperary, in Ireland, to catch up with Púca Paranormal for a night of ghostly investigation...
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