Uncanny Series Two: BBC Podcast Episode Guide


Are you Team Sceptic or Team Believer? GAYLE FIDLER presents us this Uncanny Series Two Episode Guide, looking at Danny Robins mysterious and spooky cases! 

Danny Robins is the host of BBC Podcast series, Uncanny. This is Uncanny Series Two: BBC Podcast Episode Guide

Uncanny Series Two Episode Guide

Danny Robins’ hugely popular Uncanny Series Two is split into 12 episodes, each just under 30 minutes long. 

Danny and his team of experts, discuss the cases, whilst also providing updates on previous episodes.  Listeners are invited to write in to help solve cases and give thoughts on the phenomena. 

Case 1: The Boy in Room Three

In case 1 we meet Marie, now a youth worker in her early 40s. Marie’s story begins in 1998. She found herself on the North Yorkshire Moors after leaving home following a devastating tragedy.

Penniless and homeless, Marie applied for a job as a live in cook at Ampleforth Abbey, a working monastery. She is not in the post long before strange things start to happen, including a child crying in the room next door. Except the room was empty…

This case has ghostly monks, sinister buildings, and mysterious crying children. So, who or what did Marie encounter at Ampleforth Abbey?

Case 2:  My Family’s Poltergeist

This case is a terrifying account from James, who says he has been permanently changed by his experience. James is an artist now in his early 40s. In the early 2000s, James moved into a terraced house with his parents and cousin in Stratford Upon Avon.

After a few weeks strange things started to happen. Mysterious footsteps on the stairs, witnessed by the whole family. 

Activity began to escalate in the house, banging noises that could not be explained. A terrifying incident that James describes as something that sounded like an animal on all fours. A creature scrambling up the stairs. He describes it as the worst thing that he had ever heard in his life.

Things got even worse for the family, and they became too terrified to be left alone in the house. Cumulating with his mum giving him a chilling warning. Was there really a poltergeist plaguing James’s family? 

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Case 3: Leave The Lights On

“All hell broke loose,” says James as Danny returns to the potential Poltergeist from case 2. Things got so bad in the house, that James thought he was going to die, and his mum begged him to call the police. But how could they report an invisible intruder?

The activity started to take a significant toll on the family and James was physically assaulted by an unseen entity.

Danny dives deeper into the case, as experts and listeners try to solve what really happened at house number 67. 

Case 4: Inside Room 611

Danny returns to the infamous case of Room 611 at Alanbrooke Hall in Belfast. This episode was recorded live at UncannyCon 2023. Danny speaks once again to Ken the first witness from series one and fellow witness and former student warden Gary Foster.

Danny asks Ken his thoughts on becoming a paranormal celebrity (Bloody Hell Ken!) as the pair talk to a live audience about their experiences at Alanbrooke. 

Case 5: Uncanny Live at UncannyCon

This episode was recorded at the first ever Uncanny fan convention in 2023. Danny talks to psychologist Dr Ciarán O’Keeffe and actress and presenter Laura Whitmore, in front of a live audience of guests.

The panel discuss new cases including an attack by the Mackenzie Poltergeist in Edinburgh. The panel also discuss a UFO case, which leads Ciarán O’Keeffe to talk about his own UFO sighting as a child. Much to the surprise of Danny and the audience. 

Case 6: An Angel Called Bernie

In this case, Danny meets Matthew an ex-soldier from Ireland, who has life saving encounters with his deceased grandmother Bernie, on more than one occasion. 

Now in his early 30s, Matthew describes his difficult relationship with Bernie and his sadness at her passing in 2005. 

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However, a year later Matthew and his brother were involved in a terrible car accident. During which, Matthew believes Bernie came back and saved his brothers life. 

But this was only the beginning of his grandmother coming back and saving him…

Case 7: The Rendlesham UFO

In this episode we are transported back to Christmas 1980 and the site of Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, Danny investigates the famous UFO case and talks with witness, retired Lt Col Charles Halt, now in his 80s. 

Strange things happened in Rendlesham Forest that Christmas, with several military witnesses. 

Helped by experts Ciarán O’Keeffe and writer and UFO researcher, Nick Pope, Danny discusses the case. However, there is a twist to this episode, as Ciarán discusses his own UFO sighting, and a strange coincidence with the Rendlesham case. 

Case 8: The Guest Book

Danny meets Kitty, a mental health nurse. In 2012, Kitty started a relationship with fellow nurse Malcolm. However, not everything goes well for Kitty when she spends the night at his Victorian terrace house in Maryport, Cumbria

Strange things start to happen to Kitty in the house. She feels that her and Malcolm are not the only ones there. When she confronts her new partner about a strange presence, he says “Did you see her? The ghost?”

Who or what else, was Malcolm sharing his house with? 

Case 9: The Beast of Langeais

In 1983 two 17-year-old boys from Northern Ireland, win a summer trip to France. 40 years later, Ian a former senior police officer and Dermot a teacher, talk to Danny about something that happened to them that summer. An incident that was so terrifying, it still traumatises them. 

Whilst seeping rough under a drawbridge at a French chateau in Langeais, in the Loire valley, they witnessed something that they describe as a “bloody nightmare”. 

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Did two teenage boys have an encounter with the devil himself? 

Case 10: Harry Called

“My guts are churning just recounting this,” says Will who is now in his 40s. 

When Will was a student, his friends decided to do a Ouija board after a night in the pub. This resulted in terrifying consequences for Will. 

Was Will being stalked by a spirit called Harry? 

Case 11: Uncanny Live at Hay

This episode was recorded live at the 2023 Hay on-Wye festival in Wales and features writer and comedian David Baddiel and parapsychologist Evelyn Hollow.

Two new cases are discussed. 

The first witness is Tom, who has had unsettling dreams since childhood. It was not until he spotted a painting in a shop window, that he began to wonder if his dreams may have been reality. Is this a case of reincarnation? 

Case two, involves London Underground worker Mark. In 1987, Mark met a mysterious young girl on the last train from Russell Square. However, he was not the only underground worker to have met her. 

Case 12: The Ghost that followed us Home

The last episode of series two, Danny meets Carly who lives near Gatwick Airport. Carly believes she is currently being haunted. 

Did the ghost of a young girl, follow Carly and her family home from France? Why are neighbours and workmen also witnessing strange events at the family home? 

The witnesses are credible, and the cases are unsettling. Danny Robins interviews each one in his calm, non-judgemental style. It is clear from listening to the testimonies, that many of these witnesses still suffer trauma from what they experienced.

Have you any thoughts on the Uncanny series two cases? Or have you experienced something similar?  

Series Two of the Uncanny podcast is available from BBC sounds. Don’t have nightmares. 

You can read our Uncanny Series One podcast episode guide on Spooky Isles.


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