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David McGillivray (born 1947) is an English actor, producer and writer, who was responsible for horror films including Satan’s Slave, Schizo, Frigtmare and House of Whipcord.

The Appointment 1981 REVIEW

The Appointment 1981
Horror legend DAVID McGILLIVRAY reviews The Appointment

Incense for the Damned 1970 REVIEW

Incense for the Damned
Horror legend DAVID McGILLIVRAY reviews Incense for the Damned 1970

House of Whipcord 1974 REVIEW

House of Whipcord 1974
House of Whipcord 1974, directed by Pete Walker, is reviewed by SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS

Frightmare 1974 REVIEW

Frightmare 1974 - an old school slasher - is reviewed by RICHARD GLADMAN aka Cyberschzoid of the Classic Horror Campaign

The Bloody House of David McGillivray INTERVIEW

David McGillivray
David McGillivray wrote some of Britain's most outrageous horror films of the 1970s. STEWART KING interviewed him for the Spooky Isles.


5 Spooky Reasons to Stay in Blackwater Castle, County Cork

Blackwater Castle in County Cork
ANN MASSEY tells us why Blackwater Castle is full of so much history, folklore and tales of haunting that you just have to find that special occasion to stay! 

What is a Selkie or Seal Bride?

AMY VAN DE CASTEELE reveals that not all Scottish fairiers are landlubbers...

Podge and Rodge: A Scare at Bedtime

ANN MASSEY says hello to Podge and Rodge O'Leprocy, stars of Ireland's A Scare at Bedtime

Dracula BBC 2020 Complete Episode Guide

CHRIS NEWTON reviews the revamped Dracula BBC 2020 miniseries adaptation, starring Claes Bang and Dolly Wells

Are Paranormal Orbs Real, Or Just A Load Of Balls?

Paranormal Orbs
ANN MASSEY takes a look at the phenomenon of Paranormal Orbs and asks, “are they just a load of balls?”