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What is a caulbearer

What is a Caulbearer and why is it spooky?

The legendary Caulbearer still has the power to provoke superstition and wonder, says JAMES WILLIS
Milton Keynes

There’s Something Mysterious about Milton Keynes

JAMES WIlLIS discusses his new book "Mysterious Milton Keynes"

Learn the natural and supernatural powers and benefits of Garlic

Garlic is not just for vampire hunters, JAMES WILLIS discovers its natural and supernatural powers

What are Gargoyles, Chimeras and Grotesques?

JAMES WILLIS looks up at the grotesque gargoyles that look down on us from our ancient churches...
Blisworth Tunnel

Dark and Intimidating Blisworth Tunnel

JAMES WILLIS tells us about the dark and intimidating Blisworth Tunnel, which is now haunted by the souls of its many victims

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