What is a Caulbearer and Why is it Spooky?

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Feared and idolised throughout human history, the legendary Caulbearer still has the power to provoke superstition and wonder. JAMES WILLIS delves into the history of this enigmatic anomaly

What is a caulbearer
What is a caulbearer?

What is a caulbearer, born with a veil over face?

From time to time a baby will be delivered in an unbroken amniotic sac (bag of waters) or with some of the amnion (membrane) covering their face.

They are said to be ‘born with a veil over face’, and are known as Caulbearers. Such children have, for centuries, been both feared and revered.

My own interest in the Caulbearer phenomenon is more than purely academic.

Until 2007 I had never heard of a ‘caul’ let alone a ‘Caulbearer’, but in August of that year my own son was born pre-term (as most Caulbearers tend to be) entirely en-caul in Milton Keynes General Hospital.

What is a Caulbearer and Why is it Spooky? 1
What is a Caulbearer and Why is it Spooky? 2
What is a Caulbearer and Why is it Spooky? 3

Delivering an en-caul baby was a first for all but one member of the labour team.

For the senior midwife, an experienced practitioner with many years’ service, it was only the second such birth she had encountered in her career: eerily, her first had taken place the day before on the very same ward!

Despite the clinical modern surroundings, the midwife explained that it was a lucky omen and that the boy was destined never to drown. She offered us the caul, but to my regret, we declined.

It is estimated that somewhere between one in a 1000 and one in 80,000 babies are born with a caul.

An example of a caul seen in the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle, Cornwall.
An example of a caul seen in the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle, Cornwall.

Some draw a distinction between those born with the simple face ‘helmet’ and those born en-caul (completely encased in the amniotic sac).

But as with all such folklore, there are no definitive criteria specifying which of the two ‘styles’ is or is not a true Caulbearer, and determination varies between cultures.

Caul bearer in history

In medieval Britain, the birth of a Caulbearer could apparently be predicted in advance by certain ‘wise folk’, and their arrival was generally seen as a good omen.

The child was considered blessed and destined for greatness. The caul itself was highly prized and was preserved (by drying or smoking) as a charm to ward off evil.

Possession of a caul was said to bestow good fortune upon the owner, and in particular to protect them from drowning (an ability shared with the Caulbearer himself).

Up until the early 1900s, this purported ability made preserved cauls popular talismans amongst sailors, who would use them as bible covers.

There are many other myths associated with Caulbearers.

  • In Scotland and Scandanavia, the Caulbearer is attributed with psychic powers.
  • Tibetan Buddhists seek out Caulbearers as future Dalai Lamas, whilst in Egypt, the caul-child is considered to be a mystic.
  • The Hmong people believe that  Caulbearers are reincarnated monarchs, the sac being part of their past attire, and they will aim to return the preserved caul to the original bearer at their funeral to pass good luck to future incarnation.

Not all cultures consider the Caulbearer to be blessed.

In Eastern Europe, it is feared that the caul-child will rise as a vampire after death, or transform into a werewolf.

To prevent such a fate, the caul might be dried, ground, and fed to the child on its seventh birthday.

Alternatively, the preserved caul could be nailed to the front door in order that prowling monsters would recognise a fellow cursed soul and leave the household in peace.

Whilst caul births are rare at the best of times, they are especially so in modern societies where the majority of babies are delivered in hospitals.

Today, if the amniotic sac does not rupture naturally, it is routinely broken with an amni-hook (a hooked, wooden spatula) in the belief that it will hasten the birth.

Whether there is any truth in the legends is debatable.

My son hasn’t yet displayed any preternatural abilities, and the only time he howls is when his older sister winds him up… but I shall be keeping a close eye on him!

How to Preserve a Caul

Cauls are best preserved by placing them flat on non-acidic cardboard or other non-reactive material as soon as possible after birth and allowing them to dry without being folded.

Caul and their backing are typically covered with cling wrap or another similar material. Once this is accomplished, the caul needs to be stored in a cool, dark place away from heat and humidity.

Cauls tend to dry up and grow more delicate with time, so it’s crucial to take the utmost care to maintain it from the get-go.

There are a number of different cauls that have survived the centuries. Some people store them in water, some in jars, and yet others in folded envelopes.

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  1. Hi James,
    I just came across your site — congratulations on the birth of your son. 🙂 I did want to make a correction on the status of your son’s birth, however. By your description, your son was born en-caul, which is very different from being born of the caul. En-caul is when the child is born inside of the entire sac; a caul birth is when only the remains of a portion of the sac (or a separate head skin) remains on the head. As I read your blog, I could see that you blended en-caul and caul together as a single phenomenon, which is a very common mistake!
    Thank you for your time in reading this.
    Shannon Lee Wolf, Founder of Caul Bearers United

    • Shannon hi how are you. I have some weird phenomena and other things I really would love to discuss with someone if by chance given someone’s time. I’m so confused on some things that always seem to be present in my life I was born with a call on my head and now I’m curious if these are related. Please reach out to me if you can possibly thank you so much ahead of time for your time I really appreciate it.!!

  2. My son was born completely in his waters, he is only just one so no sign of any sixth sense yet. We were told at the birth he would be lucky and would never drown. My waters were broken for my two daughters but I remember the midwife saying how tough they were to break. It makes me wonder if they too would have been born in the sac? Good Luck for the future!

  3. I was wondering if there was a Caul Bearers Symbol, through history There has always been a symbol created for such a rare occurrence. but through all my research I am finding nothing. Lost maybe ? would love an answer since I to am a Caul Bearer. thanks you

  4. Hello Iam a Caulbearer and so is my daughter. I believe both of our cauls were destroyed. Ive had a problematic life and so has my daughter. I, up until just a few days ago was unaware I was a caulbearer,i knew my daughter was,because i was told she had a veil. Or born with a veil. All my life ive been psyhic,but doubt it. It wasnt until a few days ago,i had an Epiphany of what was this about. Much to my surprise,it explained alot,the reason my daughter an i dont get along, Then much to my surprise i found out from my mother,i too was born with a caul. For some reason,i feel my mother too was born with a caul. And this is even weirder we are all 30 years apart. 77,47,17 apparently this runs in families. I want to stop our legacy of tears that has been bestowed upon my mother,myself,and daughter. If any one has any more knowledge about this phenomenon, i beg you to contact me asap,and woe un to you if you have malice in your heart,my protector is always eager. No offense to you nonbelievers, p.s. Dad seek out a special teacher for your son,as we learn differently and he will succeed.

    • I feel the same way and I was an en-caul…. the energy In my life has always been so negative… i wish I could fix it but I know it has to do with the amout of energy we have…. something we dont understand is making us this way.. i wish I could get more info on this stuff….

      • Just found out i was born en-caul since im African a ritual has to be performed so i can be rid of the negativity im encountering…..it is said you very lucky person when u were born that way but if a certain rutual is not performed or your veil was lost u will have negativity in your life until u fix it

  5. My granddaughter was born with a caul like to know where to find more detailed info on this very interesting this is the first I’m hearing all these story’s she was the only second baby to be born like this that they know of at medical ctr of vt

    • As someone who is an en-caul my lifes been shit… yes theres ALOT of senses and energy feels really strong but my happiness… i seem like I will never get to be happy because I’m to busy “healing” others im trying to look for answers or someone to even talk to… but I will never het that…. i wish I was normal but I dont think I will ever get that…

      • Dear Emily,
        As a premie (born at home at 6 mos,wks) , relatives revealed that I was born en caul and said prayers over me.
        For 70 years, I have wondered why I can wish happiness to others, but never to myself. After years of trying to understand, I’ve decided to just “let it do (karma) what it do.”

      • You can never be normal as neither can I I was born with a viel over my face and my mum said I was the ugliest baby she’d ever seen I wasn’t breathing and my godmother now my guardian angel hung me upside down and smacked me so hard but she brought me back to life and I always felt like I wished she hadn’t as I’ve suffered sexual abuse and physical abuse along with mental abuse had 3 near deaths along with suicide attempts but I’m still here then I just got tarrot cards as I’ve always been spiritual and seen ghosts and heard voices but was told I was always over imagining things but I never listened to them just recently I nearly endid my life but then I felt like my body was leaving and I cried and cried so hard but I then googled my birth and I new that I was still here for a reason and got told from a few spiritual mediums I had a gift always got told I had gift of the gab as I always have to have the last word but I now know as like the golden child I’m the chosen one out of 80,00 babies so I’m starting my fools journey and was always told I was a 1 off and a fool and more fool them I’ve always been a warrior but now I’m going start my life again as the light unveiled me 🙏🙏🙏

        • Okay, I was born with a caul and/or veil and been reading since age 4 no tools but when I was younger and did not know I used them . Also, I don’t speak to angels, mediums or guides just purely God. I read on a website been there for 22 years I do nothing but that you may want to look me up as I know all about the encaul, indigo and caul etc births …Thanks Aura_AngelofTruth

  6. Hello there. I am 22years old. I am a caulbearer , I was born en-caul. I and my twin brother were born early. He is not a caulbearer. We had separate sacs. I’ve always wondered about what was so special about my birth.

  7. I was told I was born with a double veil at Munson Hospital, Traverse City, Michigan and that the delivery doctor wanted me because I would be a genius! No genius tendencies have appeared as yet. Has anyone else heard of this ‘old wives tale’?

  8. Good day,my mother told me when i was growing up that i was born wearing a wite veil,and that she used it to bath me ,all my life i could see things before they happen but i did not listen to my intuition,until now when my brothers passed on they gave me signes that something was going to happen but as usual i didnt get it , but i would like to explore more about this,where should i go/

    • Im a caulbearer. As a child I was told that I would tell my grandmother things that would be true. She made me stop and as an adult it isn’t as clear but I have things happen that I already know. Would like to learn more as well.

  9. My son was born April 15 2013 with a veil over his whole body he has two birthmarks and one is a dolphin and one is a gator . and I hear a lot about kids like that.

  10. I’ve always known both my Dad and I were born with a caul. I mean, I’ve always been told that I was born with a sheet of skin over my face (not amniotic sac) and apparently it meant I’ll never drown. It sounded strange, but I’ve never forgotten being told. I’ve never looked into the real significance of it until recently. It’s clarified a lot to me. I’ll explain as best I can but without actually feeling these things it may just sound like babble.
    I’m now 32. As a child and through my teenage years I was an outcast, but in a very weird way that I can’t explain. People flocked to me in good and bad ways. I would walk down the street and strangers would be drawn to me, stop me and say what a beautiful smile I had or compliment something about me. This was from a really young age, even as a 5 year old holding Mum’s hand. At school and even around some adults in the ‘family friends’ circle it was a completely different story. I could never really get close to anyone and was bullied quite badly for no reason. You might say that there’s no reason for bullying in many instances, but it’s not common for the fairly intelligent, 5’11” athlete, who is kind to everyone no matter who you are, to be the subject of bullying from EVERYONE at school (including some teachers). I wasn’t top of my class but I was mainly an A grade student. Some people told me it was jealousy but that didn’t make sense to me. It caused me so much grief but that never stopped me from feeling this intense need to help others, even my bullies themselves. They would torment me, I would find them upset for some reason and comfort them, they would accept the comfort and then torment me next time they saw me… And so the cycle continued. This went into my 20s even after moving to a different state. To be honest, I still experience open bullying but it doesn’t quite crush me like it used to.
    I was told by a friend a few years ago that I set myself up for people to take advantage of me. My response was that I know this, but if I didn’t do it I would be missing a part of myself that makes sense to me. I wouldn’t be who I really was without that trait. She couldn’t understand how, after so many years of suffering, I could still feel that way without self preservation kicking in. She also couldn’t see it was why we became friends in the first place.
    I feel Caulbearers are here for that exact reason. We help others without self gain. We’ll always attract people because we have an open nature, be this attraction for good or bad. We don’t fly under the radar well, even if we’re quiet. We struggle to actually open OURSELVES up for fear of being misunderstood. We are humble and flattery can embarrass us. We are empathic by nature and perceive life differently from others in a way that can’t be put into words. We feel good when others do around us. We like to see people succeed. We aren’t good at protecting ourselves, but others will usually perceive us to be capable of this because we protect them.
    Negative people, or even people who are uncomfortable with instinctive feelings they can’t explain, will subconsciously pick up on our ‘difference’ and attack us for it.
    On the other hand, we will also usually be lucky enough to meet people who will be our allies for life (if we survive before having an understanding of what we are and accepting our difference). These people will see into our souls and will come in so many different packages. They will be our saviours in dark times because we have been theirs. They’ll never completely understand why, but they’ll know we’re special and will cherish and protect us. They won’t only be our friends, sometimes just acquaintances, sometimes even strangers. We will touch their lives and they will somehow remember. I’ve always felt that these people are the real reason I am here.
    If you have a Caulbearer child, listen to their premonitions and perceptions, even if they sound strange. If you cherish their difference and give them confidence in their abilities to see things differently, they will find it easier to accept people’s reactions. It’s a tough path but there is so much light at the end of the tunnel. They can achieve greatness in ways many people can never understand.
    Keep the caul. I wish I had mine.

    • Thank you .. i was born with a caul ….and you hit how I feel and felt all my life,,, no one understands me…. I feel alone even we people are around.. my so called BF,, is so full of cheating lying .. the only time he gives me things.. he’s guilty of cheating and feels kinds bad thinking .. just give something and it makes him feel better …. i can feel his lies, his cheating , he is bad for me , but i think he needs help . do you think i should leave ,this been going on for years now and i am so gifted by the caul being bad sometimes out ways the good .. and I sometimes give him nightmares…I don’t want to be evil…but he makes me feel that way .. it’s true people are just drawn to me any where I go and I love the ability to help strangers in their time of need and that is the best feeling… for now on I will use my gift as goodness… and no evil shall prosper no more … You have really opened my eyes …I know where I belong and why i’m the way I am .. Why I can see things people can’t see . why I can talk to ghost . see them .I can feel when something bad is going to happen . I sometimes feel like i’m going crazy now I know I was not the only one in this world .. who feels like me THANK YOU for your story… it has change me forever more.. I feel leveled up… blessed and I love you ….thanks my body feels relaxed …..

      • Hi, I can totally relate to everything that you are saying. I was born with a Caul, my siblings hate me but yet needed my help and I was always there until I realized that they were taking advantage of my gifts. I’ve had to move away from them because they were very bad people, day and night can’t exist at the same time. In school, I myself was bullied and picked on. For the longest time I did not understand why, it seemed that I could go anywhere without being treated negative. My teachers were kind to me, I did very well in school I found out that Academics was a very positive thing for me. No matter how I was treated by people, I still would help them anyway that I could. I can see things before they
        happen, I am very empathetic to others. I was born to take care of my Mother and I knew it
        when I was about 4 years old I asked God was it time to tell her, God said yes that I can tell her so I did. I told her, “Momma I came to take care of you,” she stopped what she was doing and sat me on her lap and said, “I was through having kids when I became pregnant with you, I cried and I cried but God told me, “But, This One Won’t leave you,” This was confirmation to us both. Throughout our lives we were super close, I never left her side. I took excellent care of her until her death at 94 years old on April 6, 2020. She was my heart and soul I was devastated over her death, I thought that God would surely allow me to go with her but he didn’t. So I’m left her trying to figure out the purpose of my future, I am kind of lost. I believe in helping others it is strongly apart of me, and I feel that I was born for Greatness I just need to know what’s I should be doing next.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this I relate with every description of your experiences you are a wise and beautiful soul. I was born with a caul always felt different and could see the outcome of people’s choices and would think why did you do that lol but be there for them when they need me. Again thank you for sharing feels good to know I’m not the only one who can’t stop themselves from helping or hope for the good in everyone

    • I can definitely relate being a caul bearer, healer for other and being misunderstood my whole life, thank you for your words it all makes sense now

  11. Your info is wrong. Being born in the sac does not make one a caulbearer. It is called a veil for a reason. What you described is en caul and that isn’t special. Please don’t spread false info since you will only confuse.

  12. Hi there! I, too was born en caul (complete amniotic sac without rupture prior to birth). Full-term delivery (in fact I was 8 days late). For the record, they do still refer to us as caul bearers and our births are (scientifically speaking) en caul. En is Latin for “within”. Babies born with a portion of their amniotic sac over their faces are traditionally considered “with caul”, as opposed to en caul. As a fully adult woman, I can tell you I have no psychic powers (don’t tell my kids that). I like to think I’m particularly intelligent, but my colleagues would probably refute that. So far, aside from a unique introduction into the world, an extra set of ribs (I suspect that’s completely unrelated…probably), and a deep love of brussel sprouts, I’ve seen nothing else unusual about myself. I don’t have an affinity for water, but I have been especially blessed (or lucky) in life, so there’s that. Fun story, thanks for sharing!

    • Exactly encaul isnt withcaul thats why you have no abilities theres a difference im with call i relate to the lady who was bullied and experience everything i research including fascination with vampires

  13. I was born en caul and I was full term as well actually 10 month term lol guess I didn’t want to cone out.. anyways .. I’m 28 years old and have been able to predict the future .. see a persons personality with only looking at them .. I can hear minds . Not all the time .. I never really tried to practice it.. I can see energy in the air and enteties ..

  14. My daughter was born in her entire sac. I was 42 and she is my 3rd child. There is something so very special about her. Everyone comments.

  15. Hi i was born of the caul and id like to reply to the lady who walks in an above comment about how hers and her daughters cauls were destroyed “im very sorry to hear that” that special token is what keeps you on track and i believe that alot more now that i have done a bit of research after reading the comments on the post i understand all of it including the lady who loves brussel sprouts .. Your sense of humor is your gift no doubt you brighten the room with a few laughs here and there lol
    Im 28 i was told at 8 i was born with a veil and thought it was something to do with a wedding veil haha. My mum elaborated and told me that a kaumatua(maori priest of NZ) Had noticed the caul and mentioned it to her and she didnt know what he was talking about my mum was trying to wash it off , this is on the third day she thought it was yuck this is how she explained it to me. The kaumatua explained that i was special and i would be lucky in life and then he proceeded to remove it for my mum and do a prayer in maori while removing it. After he finished he asked my mum if she wanted it and my mum absolutely confused and weirded out said no! The man never told her that it was mine and he asked her if he could have it she said take it and placed it on top of his tokotoko (walking stick). It wasnt hers to give that was mine. And im very distraght about it!!
    That was the last time she saw this man!!!!
    This upset me! My life has been nothing but ups and downs ive been a cry baby since i can remember and very unsettled nothing in my life seems to go right. But nothing breaks my love care and sorrow for people in need i will always help. And after much research and questions i have realized that this man had taken it without giving my mum the entire truth. Although i am lucky still that veil helps to keep you settled youre meant to keep it and as the post says the owner is lucky he become the owner.
    I am spiritual , i can see the ghosts and have all my life , i can see demons and have since i was 5 , i can predict my own future or the future of the ones closest to me. like warnings so that it can be escaped especially if its danger , i can heal others and take their pain and switch it with light. I was born loving god and jesus and i knew his word and loved him. Im an empath a dreamer and a flyer in the other realms i can sense the angels and after much research i understand me , but not my purpose , i have grown up around many spiritual people and in the maori church our culture has been close to that side of life. i wish i could find the man who took my veil so i can be whole again. And maybe one day this stick will show itself!!
    The life of a caulbearer has not been an easy one , i have been picked on , i have tried to tell people things with my voice but no one hears me and thinks im stupid. As soon as i see they think that i just observe and stand outside the square and watch them .. I already see the outcome of their actions. If i get in the water i wont get out ive always been connected and love the water , i have seen my past lives and know that i carry the burdens of the lives ive lived , all in all i love who i am and the gifts ive been given and i am grateful i get to share the knowledge of the spiritual side with the people who are confused. I love it because i can see all the lightworkers on earth , even though i live a hard life , i love this side of my life its my favourite thing in the world. Speaking with god is something that really does help me get through and i have suffered from depression and suicide. So i turned to the lord to fill these voids that i have. As a baby my faith was pure and just. As an adult it grows day by day. People think im a bad person. Because i have researched the dark and light god an devil positive negative , as much as i can know ill learn and i learnt about the devil because i wanted to know the enemy! After 28 years im not afraid of what i know hear and see at all with complete faith in god im in love with everything and doing gods work and knowing that its truly from above for people he chooses makes me grateful for my gifts.
    Thanks for reading my novel i wish people here could contact me if they needed help. Im going to find other forums anyways thank u for your knowledge on the caul/veil
    Godbless you all

    • Hi, hello not sure if u will get this as looks like was years ago you wrote this novel ….
      I am 54 I was born with what my mother called a veil, over my face was said I would never drown, and nor would the salior who was said to have, the second story I heard… the 1st story was my grandmother kept it for years in a Bible, unfortunately someone threw it in the fire 😢
      Now I don’t know the truth as my parents have both sadly passed,

  16. I am a 14 years old female and I was born with a caul. My mum told me awhile ago, when I was around 5 I can see ghosts. But now I’m 14 and I don’t think I can see anything. Well,I think I saw something from the corner of my eyes but I guess my eyes are playing tricks. I really want to be like other caulbearers with talents but sadly I’m a normal depressed girl…

  17. I was born with a white veil just over my face..not in the sac. I had an outer body experience where i was asleep and was staring at myself above my body…like from the ceiling. I also had a dream where i was looking at someone from my pastife that is suppose to be me. I was in fancy cloths with a lot of jewelry. .like royalty and i was not african American like i am now. I was white.

    • Lol I have had the same dream. It definitely did look fancy with tall houses and trees. I was a little white girl. People say I am crazy and it is okay. I was born with a sac as well. Currently having a ‘calling’

  18. I was born “en caul” or dry birth as I was born when I was due. My grandmother said it was to be considered a lucky sign. Mind you, I still haven’t won the lottery or have had a charmed life but I did see a ghost once when I was five and had a dream that was a premonition that saved my life a month later when I was 13 or so. If my greatness is to show, I must be a late developer as I’m over 40 years old.

  19. I just came across this phenomenon while researching the word cowl for batman of all things, but I saw there are two distinct types of this happening at birth backed by medical references, one is the amniotic sac not breaking fully and becoming stuck on the baby’s face and the other is a tissue of unknown origin that is more like a mask that loops and attaches behind the baby’s ears and it’s this one that has the history of special abilities attributed to the child born with it, they say the first type is more prone to pre mature births, which one are you talking about with your child?

  20. Hello my son was born 5/2/02
    During delivery they had too do an ultrasound too see why was I fully dilated and pushing and still no baby
    On the screen you can visibly see him gripping the sac
    After getting him too reposition and I continued too push he finally came still gripping the sac over his head
    The midwives and doctors explained too me that it was a sign of wisdom and were overjoyed that he was the first in 20 yrs too be delivered at this hospital in such a way
    My son who is now soon too be 15 is top of his class with high honor
    Part of his debate team very well spoken in so many ways
    It’s hard too describe how amazing he is in so many ways
    But he is a blessing

  21. Hi, my name is Shaun. I was born on the 22nd of November 1964. On the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Also with a caul. My mother gave my caul to the midwife. Later that day it was sold to a sailor. I was born in the maritime city of Southampton, England. I became a soldier and just felt different. I have been told i have a gift with people!

  22. Reading a lot of these comment I was skeptical to post considering the bashing from people born ” with caul” or ” en caul” but I will share my experiences.. I was born a caul baby, the first one to be at that hospital in the last 50 years. I was born on 09-05-95 at 9:05 pm… ( I can’t make that up). I wasn’t premature at all, actually born after my expected date. They doctors told my mother how “special” I was , and the few facts she knew of the phenomenon but it was still a very rare thing.
    I always knew I was different. I’ve always had amazing intuition, even from a very young age and I’ve always noticed I seen the world from a completely different perspective as people in my age group or demographic. One thing that I can say is rare is I have an amazing memory. I can remember vivid details of place and people going back until the age of 4. I’ve always seen things for what they are. Blatantly. I think that’s why people can see that I’m different because I see past superficial shells and read souls. Also since I was a young child EVERYONE confides in me. At first, I thought I just had one of those trustworthy faces but after going my research this could be the result. I remember being 7 listening to my 18 year old cousin vent to me and me ! I think it’s the magnetic aura that draws people to us and makes them feel comfortable because I never had a problem getting people to open up to me at all . I’m charismatic so when I speak, I can get a crowd to listen and pay attention. Like many of you I have the uncomfortable feeling of being liked by many and still feeling like a loner. And I’ve been told that I carry myself in a “regal” manner so that’s why that ” king by right” saying makes sense.
    When it comes to seeing the future I cannot say that I can… But, I do get other visions that I cant really make sense of. It sounds weird but sometimes I predict my own death driving, like I’ll have a vivid vision of a scenario of me crashing. Also sometimes I see things in my dreams that end up happening, in a different but similar way seen. As for the negatives, I can’t say I’m a vampire or witch. But I do know when people do me wrong, bad karma usually follows.in my head, my luck has never been spectacular but reading through these I can think of many times when I could of been in serious danger and was miraculously safe in those situations. I was in a very bad car accident that destroyed my car a year ago and I made it out alive. My sir backs didn’t deploy , I was going 40mph , and I hit a tree when my breaks gave out. You do the math
    Then there’s water. I’ve always looooooooooved the beach, the ocean, pools, lakes , anything water related. It’s always been a calming vice for me. But there’s this story my aunt told me that happened when I was 3 months old that really makes me believe there’s truth to some of the superstition. When I was three months old my aunt had me and my 2 year old cousin on her lap , sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in the pool. Relaxing. My cousin, who was restless ( as most two year olds are) decides to jump in the pool. He’s two , he could not swim at that time. My aunt goes in to fill panic mode and jumps in after him in an attempt to save him. FORGETTING COMPLETELY SHE HAD A 3 month old ON HER LAP!! So she goes in and rescues him, and about two minutes goes by before she realizes what she’s just done! ( in my aunts defense that was a situation where she had her instincts on full and didn’t regard the situation fully–she’s cool👌) so my aunt almost panicked until she seen me…. I was floating in the fetal position in a ball for two minutes. She got me out and I was completely fine. She didn’t have to perform cpr , hell I wasn’t even crying ( and I was a cry baby then and now) . I remember her telling me that story and we all laughed at how it happened , but knowing the story of caulbearers not being able to drown, it has a different meaning for me.
    I know these are just my personal stories but maybe some of you can relate. I hope the people reading this know that they are not alone and we’re all weird. All my life I’ve seen my life’s purpose being bigger than most, and I know most of you understand that. And on the debate between en caul and with caul give it a break. There’s nothing worse than people looking acceptance and you guys are basically calling them losers over a technicality…
    stay humble .
    Be great.

  23. I was born en caul and have always seen strang beings since I was little, since I was 14 I began seeing things before they happen, I’ve had a very difficult life growing up but in all I come out well, but I most times I am so confused about my life, what I am suppose to do what I can to be successful in life, I start something then it goes wrong, I start up business it goes bad I’ve been able to be stable financially though I have many things I am good at even relationship wise I hardly date which supprises people as I am very attractive I am hardly social though people like me, the point is all areas of my life I am confused except for the fact that people who try to kill me die without me knowing most times then people come to tell me that person wanted to kill u spiritually but died or I see people trying to do evil to me and it goes wrong. I am a Bible believing Christian that is what has been helping me, my life is full with trouble and battles but at the end I come out stronger I became so confused at a point when something happened I started praying to God to tell me who I really I am because I know deep down inside me there is something there about me that I don’t know of I’ve had this worries for years. A month ago I saw the en caul birth on IG I remembered my mom telling me I was born that way then I decided to read about it online I was shocked and scared when I saw the information because I experienced almost everything they wrote about the caulbeare. I really didn’t want to write it seriously but I decided to to do so because I need a clear understanding about this and how to help myself though my life (believing in Christ) has helped me throughout I know en caul or caulbearers has nothing to do with religion but how we are born.

  24. I am 66 years old and was born with a ‘veil’ as I was told by my mother and grandmother who were also born that way. My grandmother was tremendously psychic and my mother in bursts had spiritual inspiration, but not nearly like her mother.
    As for myself, I have been psychic all my life, starting out at the age of 4 years old, I was astral projecting *soul leaving the body* before I knew what that was. I finally learned in my early twenties by purchasing a book called The Psychic Sciences.
    I have precognition — dreams about events before they happen, know or sense when people will die or pass on, know a few minutes before tragedy will strike and warn others or myself to remain safe, that was proven many times…I can see auras, can predict when I will be in a car accident and how to avoid it, had visions, also know what planes to avoid flying and proven that gift many times, and I have heard an audible voice only once when praying in an extremely terrifying experience. I have been visited by angelic beings and deceased relatives in waking and sleeping moments, and I can discern the spiritual vibration and intent of others within ten minutes of meeting them. I also possess intuitive powers with animals, and at one time could even command elements by making the wind blow at will…I was often called a witch and probably was one, if that means what I think it does. The list of what I could and can do is exhaustive and goes on and on, but I named a few just to qualify and validate my claim. I am not bragging by any means, just solidifying generally the spiritual or psychic gifts I have had all my life. I guess people will have their own definitions of what this is.
    Sounds pretty crazy, right? Or anyone who makes such claims seems a delusional nut at best. I thought when I was younger that I was cursed with all these powers because I was so alone and felt set apart from others. A lot of it was internal, and what little I did share with those I thought I could trust, had hurt me.
    Early on in my journey, I went finally went down a dark road when I was cocky and confident because I did not have the maturity to handle this. What I could do was beyond the scope of understanding and none believed me, except my parents.. I could read Tarot cards and predict the fate of others around me accurately, when after coming true had scared all my friends. I did not help myself either by doing that. I also abused my powers when crossed or harmed, until I went too far. I had a keen spiritual awakening with a visitation from a dark and evil entity which prompted me to immediately renounce what I had done and fallen into. I grew up, asked for forgiveness, repented, got saved and baptized in the Holy Sprit. I still possess these gifts but became a more mature and responsible individual over the powers I possessed. A major life change and I thank God I caught it in time to alter course.
    When you possess tremendous powers like this it is best to keep it to yourself. When you honestly tell others what you can do in the psychic arena, at best none will believe you. Too often than not you will be seen as ‘crazy’ or a crackpot. Try to channel your gifts to help and heal others by gently guiding, but never tell them what you “see” outright or will do for them. The criticism will hurt and the good you want to do for them will be lost. It is a tender tightrope to walk but worth it and rewarding when you known deep down inside you helped another. The need for seeking credit or kudos for feeding your ego eventually leaves with maturity as you grow in wisdom and ‘settle in’ having your gifts.
    I do not know if all this is related to being born with a caul or a mere coincidence. Being a sensitive, or star child, or psychic, or spiritually aware individual who loves God has anything to do with a caul. However, it has certainly provided a very interesting life thus far! But I would rather have my powers than not, my life has been spared so many times….I technically should be dead. I always felt I was here for a ‘reason’ and hopefully I will have that answer one day. I hope my post can help offer a bit of light into the lifestyle of one who knows what the walk is like. 🙂

  25. I’m was born en caul in Africa at 9 months and a week. Even though I’m really smart people still try to make me stupid. I was bullied or they attemped to, but I never let them bully me. I saw ghosts as early as a year old. I see people I know that are dead they sometimes speak to me, and sometimes I get signs before they die. I see visions which I hardly ever understand until they come to pass. I also see warnings to other people. Right from my childhood I’ve always felt like the odd one out and I’ve felt unsure of myself but I outgrew that.

  26. I was born with a Veil on my face, I seem things that scared the SHIT out of Mel I still can remember it, like it was two minutes ago. In this was over 40 years ago!

  27. Hi there, I was born with caul and it’s true what they say about us, I’ve experienced a near drowning experience with out being able to swim I managed to get out of the water alive it was so scary yet I survived, I’ve also seen things that seemed supernatural not that I believe in ghost now that I’m older but they always seemed to be appearing to me in different ways calling me to go with them, I was also very lucky while growing up always winning money, to this day I know being a caul bearer have made me so different from everyone else.

    • What you said is so true, because my husband is a caulbearer. He almost drown one day at the beach, and the funny thing is that he was going to drown with another girl, but he managed to save both himself and the girl. When he’s explaining the story to me, i could see the fear he had for his life, and he always told me that until today, he doesn’t know or understand how he survived. Also, one time we bought a bike and were so excited to ride it that in the middle of the night around 11pm, we decided to ride outside. We spent almost an hour and a half riding, and suddenly he was about to go around one street for me to wait for my turn, then he just came back to the from door, got off the bike and told “let’s go inside, close the door”. I didn’t ask anything until 2 years later. He didn’t wanna tell me at first, but after lots of begging, he told me that he saw something accross the street looking like a group of spirits trying to cross the street. Then, to make matters even worst, my sister bought a house one hour away from us because it was so cheap, and we all went to her house for thanksgiving, and then while people were eating, he just stood up and told everyone to put their food down, and started praying doing circles in the house, then told my sister that the house was haunted. We were supposed to sleep the night, but because i was pregnant and had a 1 year old baby, he said that we won’t be able to stay the night because pregnant people are vessels to evil things. My sister went to the realtor the very next day, turned out that the house was made for torture, and lots of people died in there. Now, i’m fascinated to find out more because he doesn’t wanna tell me the things he sees, but i don’t know if i should be scared of him too.

  28. The caulbearer myth is very true. My husband was born inside of the whole sac and i had to find out by his mom. He didn’t even wanna tell me, when he found out that his mom told me, he gave me that “damn it” look. He explained to me how he almost drown in his younger years with a girl while swimming at sea. He told me that until today, he doesn’t understand how he didn’t drown and still managed to save the girl also. And when he was explaining it to me, i could see the fear in his eye. 2 years ago, we bought a bike because i wanted to lose weight, and we were so excited about it, that we didn’t want to wait the next day. So, in the middle of the night around 11pm or so, we started riding around the neighborhood doing turns. We spent almost 2 hours riding until he was about to go around the street like he was doing before, then he just came back, got off the bike and told me to go inside, let’s close the door. I didn’t ask him why until later and i had to beg him to tell me what he saw. And that was when he told me that he saw a bunch of people trying to cross the street except that they weren’t people, they were more like spirits. And to make matters even worst, last year we went to one of my sister’s house for thanksgiving knowing that we would stay the night, i had my karaoke microphone and all ready to have fun, then about 2-3 hours later, dude told everyone to put their food down, then started praying, holding hands, and making circles in the house. He then told my sister that the house was haunted, and that we couldn’t sleep there since i was pregnant and that pregnant women are a vessel for evil. We left that same night. My sister call us the next day and told us that she contacted the realtor, and he did researched it, turns out the house was a slaughter house, lots of people died there. Dude just looked at my pastor’s wife and started crying, when i asked him what was wrong, he told me that she’s gonna die. I was mad at him because i love pastor’s wife a lot, and thought that it wasn’t funny to say such things. But 2 weeks later the lady did die, i couldn’t even go to the funeral i was too sad. Now i’m trying to find everything i can to understand a caulbearer, i don’t know if i should be excited or scared now.

  29. Hello, I am an 18-year old teenager who’s an en-caul bearer. I hope to see more and hear more from caul bearers and en-caul bearers as I was really curious how are lives are going, or if there is something common about.

      • yes i made it where i see and feel i belong im a caulbearer that was not born with no veil i died as a child and came back a caulbearer i used to wonder why people looked at me as evil until i understood why spooky

  30. I Don’t know know if I was born with a veil or not but I did almost drown and these messages really made me cry.

  31. Hi. Does anybody know if is there a full caul (head and torso) exposed in a Museum. I know that there are several cauls, in UK in Museums but they are not full cauls. Thanks, I hope anybody knows.

    • I’m from South Africa, & I am a Zulu. We also believe that a child which is born en-caul or caul is a blessing from the ancestors & that child is special. In our language, we say, “ukuzalwa wembethe”, which means, “being born with a cloth or veil over you”. This “cloth/veil” is meant to protect you over the course of your life, & if you are sick or are applying for a job or any other occurrence of significant event in your life, we normally break-off a small piece of this cloth (which has been dried up) mix it with sage (“imphepho” – which we use as a medium to communicate with our ancestors), burn the two together & speak to our ancestors asking for blessings, or for good health or for a job, a house, a car etc. Normally when this happens, the ancestors tend to respond, rather rapidly to such requests. Being in the 21st century, most “cloths/veils” are left in hospitals because the majority of our people aren’t educated enough about such things & do not fully comprehend the importance of such things. This however, can be remedied, we normally slaughter 2 white goats, the first one to apologize to the ancestors & to explain what had happened to the “original” cloth. The 2nd goat is for thanking the ancestors for such a gift, & we then use the stomach lining (umhlwehlwe) of the goat to represent “cloth/veil” which was lost & to bring back that person’s luck. The stomach lining is then dried up, ground into its powedery form & is used the same way as the lost “cloth/veil”. This process can be done at any age. People who are born en-caul or caul are naturally lucky & get things easily if due processes are followed. If not, bad luck follows them, life is a stop & start affair, it gets really difficult & depressing. Businesses tend to fail, your partners come & go, money comes & goes etc. Yes, I agree that children born like this have a 6th sense. Some are traditional healers who can see & heal people, others are great businesspeople, leaders & even presidents, wealth comes easily. There are signs if you’re en caul or caul, you get dreams of money, you “dressed” in a white cloth, you see things before they happen in your dreams. Your dreams are generally “good” dreams. So it’s a universal phenomena.

  32. My wife was born in a caul. She’s Welsh, I’m a Kiwi. I had never heard of this thing known as a caul before and found it intriguing. Over the years this became a recurrent theme in our life.
    We live on an island nation and the seas are very treacherous, so deep water swimming carries its share of risks. Drowning is so common in this country that it used to be known as ‘The New Zealand disease’. We are both serious ocean swimmers, and being a caul-bearer, she has her out ‘get out of jail’ card.

    We are both now in our late 60s and try to swim five or six times a week. Usually we swim about a kilometre, depending on how rough the seas is. We have had a few scrapes over the years and I believe that I have been sharing the caul-bearer’s protection from drowning.

    In my spare time I am a novelist. (I’ve written five novels). About four years ago I decided to write a novel which followed the fortunes of a caul bearer. Typically, I did no research but built it around my experiences and my imagination. Now, after 17 drafts it has finally gone to the publisher. I expect ‘Answering to the Caul’ to come out later this year.

    What intrigued me about reading all these caul-bearer accounts is how closely my novel tracks the experiences of these writers. I have built in to my hero a capacity for prescience, the experience of bullying and victimisation, the attempt to escape or elude the caul-bearer heritage plus the usual array of talents and flaws. The only thing I have incorporated which doesn’t appear in this column (I think) is the karmic aspect of caul intervention. Each time the protagonist is saved (or dodges) drowning, someone he loves pays a heavy price. Like other heroes from literature the more struggles to elude his destiny the more he finds he is on a path from which there is no escape.

    At its deepest level my book tries to show the truth of Hamlet’s words ‘There is more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy’. The co-incidences we experience conflict with our belief in a rational, causal universe. People can say ‘that’s a load of nonsense’ but that doesn’t make it go away.

    I am not sure whether my novel will add much to the world of the caul-bearer but I hope that readers will be able empathise with the main character, and what happens to him. We all know that special talents or qualities are double-edged swords and this book should show as my wife says ‘It’s not easy being a caul-bearer.’

  33. I am a 24 year old Southern African male child said to be born with a veil on many different occasions,by many different oracles and strangers out of nowhere instilling the same dilemma.

    Given the fact that just early this year i almost drowned but to my surprise the onlookers kept claiming that it wasn’t normal(Thought it was a prank) in the manner in which it occurred or transpired.
    and i cant seem get rid of feeling,seeing,understanding what most people dont/cant .i. the nightmares,visions or premonitions.

    to make things short.I dont even understand myself or let alone my own life.
    please ,please help.

    Thank you
    Siyabonga Cele

  34. To the previous writers, I wrote earlier that I was born en caul, but I believe that it was “with caul” instead. Since my early childhood, I have been a dreamer and would fanaticise about things that I wished could happen. In most instances, it did happen. Fortunately, they were good wishes. As I grew older, I noticed that my ability to learn music from memory became noticed by my family, and so my piano lessons began at 5 years of age. Struck my ability as a fast learner, the piano teacher declared to my parents after only a few lessons, that her skills were insufficient to teach such a prodigal child such as myself. For even at 5, I could memorize and play prolifically all of the scales and could read and interpret songs from only glancing at the notes. So off to another teacher was I sent, and the same things happened. Now starting grade school, I was chosen as accompanist for the Primary Grade Chorus. My reputation soon grew as displaying excellence at playing and sight reading of piano music and an astute acumen for memorization of Chorus repertoire. This rare gift, led my Chorus teachers from elementary through secondary school thru 4 years of college to engage me as accompanist for their school choirs. THESE very talented and inituitive choral teachers sensed that I was possessed with a special musical gift
    that they found very rare in one person. Perfect pitch. Precise rhythm, dexterity of both hands and feet as as Chapel Organist, and academically, excelling. . After post grad school, working in various music venues, Never really giving much thought about it,, I became a music educator for nearly 20 years. Marriage and family slowed my roll for the next few years, but I realized along the way, that besides music and family, I led a very quiet existence. I had friends yet I seemed to listening to their problems rather than sharing mine. So eventually, they would drift away, feeling that I did not trust them with my problems. Of course, this was not true. I just really didn’t know how to explain to them that I can hear inner voices
    and see things like flying, pesky insects around in my house, that nobody else can see of feel. They are like phantom flies that never seem to leave me alone, until I go away from my house. I believe that I am clairvoyant and even my kids, after years of doubt, do believe this.
    They have launched very productive careers based on my urging them to act at that precise moment to apply for the positions which they sought. Two of them are 10 yr career government employees;, another is a 20 yr Board Certified Pre_Ad and Adolescent Psychiatrist, and a fourth is a former AFA graduate and ex military pilot in Saudi Arabia, who is now a 15yr veteran pilot at a major airline. These job openings were all based on timing, and somehow I knew when to say, “It’s time for you to go for it!” And you know the rest.
    Yes, I have been very encouraged by reading the confessions of other “cauls”. Now, I can believe that I am not so alone with these weird thoughts and dreams and sightseeings I do constantly experience.
    Question: Are their Clubs across the spectrum specifically for Caul members? Would love to become an active participant of one.
    Yve Meshack

  35. Please my memory’s are not good from young adult to baby had several Seizures learning problems Coordination problems phonics problems speech problems Had a list always unlucky but can relate to y’all’s posts please ???

  36. Hi, I came across this page several times over the years and was compelled to write…I am a world renowned lightworker for 56 years and a caulbearer . I have at least 35 various gifts from God and I don’t talk mediums use any tools when I read . I thank God every day but went through a lot as a child seeing can almost drive the caul/veil child to a point to explosion . I started on my real journey at 4 begin seeing auras as well as some telepathy being like this can be a very lonely life but extremely abundant in love and money….I suggest anybody born with this gift or parents of a child like this make sure you find someone to help them…I love the fact that my mom was native so she definitely knew a lot about the spiritual world…I started finding out about the spiritual world through God he would bring to me things that I needed to know about and keep others away…I believe in the Holy Trinity never stopped the gift as well will not allow you to hardly ever lie you have to be truthful or things will happen to you….I know if anyone finds this article let me know if you have been born like this or your child and/or family member…I am an Oracle always willing to help….Blessing and much Luv and Light Angel

  37. I once had a girlfriend caulbearer. She was the real deal. Different personalities, men and women. She scared me but I knew she couldn’t hurt me because I helped her. Very hard to explain. She was good at getting to my conscience but she never knew she was. Everything she did was unintentional. She was only 19. Gonna be scary when she figures out how to use it.

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