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Mary Shelley (1797-1851) was an English novelist who wrote the Gothic horror novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818),

Mary Shelley and The Birth of Frankenstein

SARAH PARKIN examines how England's greatest gothic horror novel Frankenstein came to be and its affect when it was released...
Mary Shelley Frankenstein

Neglected Monsters, or Why Frankenstein was a Terrible Father

DR KAJA FRANCK marks International Women's Day by looking at Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, still politically relevant 200 years on...
John Polidori The Vampyre

John Polidori: Genesis of The Vampyre and the Byronic Hero

DR KAJA FRANCK explores how the birth of Frankenstein also involved the creation of the first English vampire novel by John Polidori
Frankenstein is the epitome of British Gothic Horror

Reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a liberation against an old world order

MATT WINGETT explains how Frankenstein changed him as a youth...

Does the ghost of Mary Shelley’s sister haunt Swansea?

KELLY HAMBLY tells us the tragic tale of how the author of Frankenstein's sister committed suicide in Wales
Gothic 1986

Gothic 1986 REVIEW

SIMON BALL says about Gothic 1986: "By thunder this was a hard film to review without giving too much of the plot away!"

The Retreat into your Nightmare

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS tells us about The Retreat, a new supernatural scare-fest currently in pre-production

10 Great Women from Gothic Horror

KAJA FRANCK counts down 10 deadly British literary ladies

The Haunting of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Author LYNN SHEPHERD says classic English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley's life was marked with his obsession with demons, ghosts and death
Frankenstein Galvanized

Frankenstein Galvanized BOOK REVIEW

SARAH PARKIN reviews Frankenstein Galvanized, a new edition and essays on the Mary Shelley classic

Frankenstein, Dracula ahead of their time

HOWARD JACKSON says horror genre classics Frankenstein and Dracula were ahead of their time

Bride of Frankenstein 1935 REVIEW

Bride of Frankenstein 1935 showcases all of James Whale’s wonderfully subversive and quintessentially British qualities, says ADAM SCOVELL
Charles Ogle in Edison's Frankenstein 1910

Charles Ogle and the first Frankenstein 1910 REVIEW

Did you know the first ever Frankenstein film, starring Charles Ogle, was made by the Edison Company in 1910?
Frankenstein 1931

Frankenstein 1931 REVIEW

Frankenstein 1931 made Boris Karloff a star. DAVID SAUNDERSON reviews the classic Universal horror.

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