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Norfolk is a ceremonial county in East Anglia region of England.

The Boy Martyr of the Woods

Guest writer DAVID SENIOR reveals the Boy Martyr of the Woods, the disturbing tale of medieval murder and anti-Semitism in Norwich...

The Muckleburgh Collection, Most Haunted REVIEW

Most Haunted - Mary King's Close
AMY VAN DE CASTEELE looks back on Most Haunted: The Muckleburgh Collection

The Ghost of Gressenhall, Norfolk

ISABELLE KING tells the sad tale of 12-year-old Harriet Kettle, the Ghost of Gressenhall

St Mary’s Church Houghton-on-the-Hill, full of ghostly activity

Houghton on the Hill
Satanists and ghostly monks have all had the run of St Mary’s Church, Houghton-on-the-Hill in Norfolk, says TRACY MONGER

Royal Haunting at Blickling Hall, Norfolk

Anne Boleyn and her family are just some of the ghostly inhabitants of Blickling Hall in Norfolk, TRACY MONGER writes

Abbey House's buzzing with paranormal activity

Abbey House Cambridge
TRACY MONGER says Cambridge's Abbey House has had paranormal activity reported from Victorian times ...

Paranormal and Psychology

Paranormal and Psychology Tracy Monger
Norwich-based TRACY MONGER discusses her new book, Paranormal and Psychology

Toads, Witches and Murder in Stradbroke Village, Suffolk

TRACY MONGER recalls some strange "witchcraft" events in Stradbroke Village, Suffolk from 1599

Tracy Monger, Paranormal Investigator Interview

Norwich paranormal investigator Tracy Monger talks to us about her spooky experiences

As May 19th approaches… don’t lose your head

ISABELLE KING is counting down the days until 19th May when the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn is said to appear at Blickling Hall

Norwich’s Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Here are five haunted places to visit to Norwich, from TRACY MONGER

Green Children of Woolpit remains a mystery

Green Children of Woolpit
EVELYN SPARROW tells how two Green Children of Woolpit appeared mysteriously during the 12th Century

A ghost guide to Norwich Castle’s dark and haunted past

Norwich Castle has 900 years of bloody history with plenty of haunted tales...
Norwich Castle has a long and haunted history, says TRACY MONGER from Norwich Paranormal Experience Group


What is Will o’ the Wisp?

Willo the Wisp
Will o’ the Wisp is a ghostly light or flame seen by travellers at night over bogs and marshes.

Covent Garden: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Covent Garden is full of haunted places to visit, as JON KANEKO-JAMES discovers on this stroll around central London

London’s 6 strangest haunted cemeteries

Take a look at some of London's weirdest haunted cemeteries and the ghosts that make them their home...

5 reasons your house probably isn’t haunted

Here are some common situations that could be mistaken for a haunting, according to RICK HALE

Walthamstow: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Hoe Street, Walthamstowe
Here are 5 haunted places in the north-east London suburb of Walthamstow.