Tag: Pendle Witches

The Pendle Witches were a group of women who were executed in Lancashire, England, in 1612 after being found guitly of being witches.


Is Stanmore North London’s most haunted suburb?

We look at shocking tales from Haunted Stanmore in North West London...

Coven of Evil 2020 REVIEW

Coven of Evil 2020 is a British horror film that has a strange allure, but ultimately fails to live up to its promise, says KATE INGLEBY-PARYLO

Thieves cut off St Nectan’s head, but he kept on going!

JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us how the 5th Century Devon Saint Nectan of Hartland had his head cut off by thieves but he stuck it right back on!

Ghostwatch: A Legacy of Horror

Ghostwatch celebrates its 30th anniversary this Halloween. COHEN MATTHEWS says the spooky masterpiece still holds strong today, leaving a legacy of real life terror in its wake

Where to Visit Black Shuck Sightings in East Anglia

Black Shuck
Guest writer PIERS WARREN goes on the trail of Black Shuck to reveals where to find the beast's haunts in East Anglia
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