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Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

Strange Prophecies of Scotland’s Brahan Seer

Brahan Seer
FIONA LANG describes how Brahan Seer used a small stone with a hole in it to see the future

The Wizard of Gordonstoun

The Wizard of Gordonstoun
Guest writer JOHNNY MARTIN looks at the legend of The Wizard of Gordonstoun, the man who made a pact with the Devil!

Loch Ness Monster Mania – 1933-style

Guest writer ANDREW GARVEY looks at the British newspaper reactions to the sigthing of "Nessie" when the famous inhabitant was "rediscovered" in Loch Ness in 1933

Does the Loch Ness Monster Exist? Making the case for Nessie!

Guest writer TRESSA YEOMANS ponders the legend of the Loch Ness Monster - could Nessie really exist?

The Wicker Man 1973 REVIEW

Guest writer PAUL JASON reviews The Wicker Man, a 1973 creepy, unsettling horror classic.

The Overcrowded Afterlife

Crunching bones saves grave space, so DAVID SAUNDERSON discovered digging up his family tree. (The Spooky Isles' Guest Blog for The Skull Illusion.)

8 Scottish serial killers who shocked the world

Scottish serial killers
Guest writer JOHN MILTON has got down and dirty with these Scottish serial killers

Raise a glass to Tam o’Shanter, Robert Burns spooky poem

TODAY is Robbie Burn's Birthday and we take a look at the Scottish bard's spookiest poem, the epic Tam o'Shanter!

Burke and Hare 2010 REVIEW

Burke and Hare 2010's Comedic re-telling of famous grave-robbing tale has a great cast and looks fantastic but is sadly disappointing

Flesh and the Fiends 1960 REVIEW

Historical horror Flesh and the Fiends 1960 impresses with memorable cast and atmospheric and restrained re-telling of the infamous Burke and Hare story

Girvan Old Street Burial Ground: Are ghosts of your family scarier?

Girvan Old Street Burial Ground
ARE the ghosts of your ancestors spookier than those of strangers? I visit Girvan Old Street Burial Ground to find out!

Was Sawney Bean fact or fiction?

sawney bean
Was Sawney Bean the Scottish cannibal real or just folklore? DAVID SAUNDERSON takes at look...


The Restless Ghosts of Leith, Scotland

Leith ghosts
Leith is an ancient Scottish port with plenty of paranormal goings-on, says JOHN TANTALON, from North Edinburgh Nightmares

Choosing the best paranormal team to investigate your haunted home

Got ghosts? MICKEY GOCOOL provides advice on how to ensure you pick the best paranormal team possible to investigate your haunting...

Son of Dracula 1974 REVIEW

Son of Dracula 1974 is a film 'worse than you could possibly imagine, says reviewer JIM IVERS

Learn the natural and supernatural powers and benefits of Garlic

Garlic is not just for vampire hunters, JAMES WILLIS discovers its natural and supernatural powers

10 Spooky Facts About Yew Trees

Yew Tree
Yew Trees are at the heart of folklore in the UK and Ireland. CALLUM CAMPBELL takes a look at this spooky tree.