Eilean Mor’s Empty Lighthouse Mystery


EDDIE BRAZIL tells how the lighthouse keepers on Eilean Mor, one of Scotland’s most haunted islands, vanished without a trace in 1900

Eilean Mor's Empty Lighthouse Mystery 1
Eilean Mor Lighthouse

Where is Eilean Mor Lighthouse?

The uninhabited island of Eilean Mor lies off the west coast of Scotland. It is the largest of the Flannan Isles.

Despite its beauty and isolation, the mainlanders always considered it a haunted place.

Upon the island stands the ruins of an ancient chapel, its history lost in the mists of time.

Eilean Mor’s lush green turf was perfect for the grazing of sheep and farmers would often ferry their flocks across for fattening during the day.
Yet nothing would persuade the shepherds to remain there after dark.

In 1899, a lighthouse, which was manned by three keepers, was constructed on the island to guide shipping through the treacherous rocks of the Hebrides.

Ten days before Christmas in 1900, the lighthouses 140,000 candle power light was extinguished.

The relief keeper, Joseph Moore, in the outer Hebrides, 17 miles away could not leave his post to investigate because severe storms had battered the coast for the week past.

On 26th December the storm abated and the steamer Hesperus set out for Eilean Mor with provisions and to see what was wrong.

The Lighthouse on the haunted Eilean Mor on the Flannen Isles in the Scottish Outer Hebrides
The Lighthouse on the haunted Eilean Mor on the Flannen Isles in the Scottish Outer Hebrides

As she circled the island the crew observed that no preparations had been made for their arrival.

A boat was let down and a party went ashore.

The entrance gate and the main door of the lighthouse were closed.

When the investigators went inside they found the place cold and empty.

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They climbed the stairs but there was no sign of keepers.

The entire lighthouse was deserted.

In the sleeping quarters the beds were made and every thing was neat and orderly.

The last date on the record slate had been made at 9am on 15th December, the day the light had failed to appear.

There were no clues as to what had become of the lighthouse men and they were never seen again.

Like the enigma of the Mary Celeste many theories have been put forward to explain why three men had completely vanished on Eilean Mor, yet no plausible reason has been able to account for their disappearance.

One of the investigating party was required to remain alone in the lighthouse for two days before relief keepers could once again man the light.

During the night, above the wind and sound of the sea, he reported hearing Men’s voices calling to him.

He was convinced it was the lost souls of the vanished lighthousemen.
But what had taken them remains a forgotten secret of this lonely, rugged island.

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EDDIE BRAZIL was born in Dublin in 1956. He is a writer, photographer and paranormal investigator. He is co- author, with Paul Adams and Peter Underwood, of The Borley Rectory Companion and Shadows in the Nave: A Guide to the Haunted Churches of England. In 2012, with Paul Adams, he co wrote Extreme Hauntings: Britain’s Most Terrifying Ghosts, and in 2013 he published the first ghostly guide to his hometown Haunted High Wycombe.

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He has recently completed a bloody history of Buckinghamshire, which will be published in November. He is also a guitarist , and in 1983 wrote the theme music to the British comedy movie,”Expresso Splasho” which featured Gary Oldman and Daniel Peacock. Eddie lives with his wife and Daughter in Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire. Find out more at his website here.


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