Tag: Spooky Victorians

Florence Marryat on Vampires and Mediums

ANDREW GARVEY looks at Victorian novelist Florence Marryat's forays into spiritualism and vampires

Professor Pepper’s Ghost: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

Professor Pepper brought showmanship brought ghosts to the Victorian stage, says ANDREW GARVEY

When Animals Attacked in Victorian Times

The Rats
ANDREW GARVEY looks at Victorian animals attacks

The Christmas ‘Werewolf’

The Christmas ‘Were-Wolf’
ANDREW GARVEY pre-empts the Christmas season with a tale of a Yuletide Werewolf!

‘Naming Jack the Ripper’ doesn’t prove Jack

ANDREW GARVEY reviews the new sensational book, Naming Jack the Ripper by Russell Edwards

Victorian Ghost Hunting in 1869

ANDREW GARVEY reveals Victorian attitudes to the paranormal via the newspapers on the day

J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Death: What the newspapers said

Irish horro and ghost story writer Sheridan Le Fanu
ANDREW GARVEY looks at how newspapers responded to the death of horror writer, J. Sheridan Le Fanu in 1873

A Madman Feeds and Dances with a Corpse: Is this the...

ANDREW GARVEY looks at one of London's Illustrated Police News' most grisly articles

Who was Susan Willis Fletcher, Convicted Spiritualist Fraud?

ANDREW GARVEY asks: Was Susan Willis Fletcher, convicted and imprisoned in 1880 for spiritualist fraud, a con artist or a misunderstood true believer?

6 Welsh Ghosts Newspaper Reports from Victorian Times

ANDREW GARVEY goes hunting for some old paranormal articles from the Western Mail - Wales' national newspaper

Victorian Ghost Sightings Found in 1890s Newspapers

ANDREW GARVEY looks at some haunted articles from the late Victorian period

What happened on Friday the 13th July, 1894?

Friday the 13th July 1894 was a miserably unlucky day, reports ANDREW GARVEY

Staffordshire’s Spookiest Ghost Sightings of the Victorian Times

Staffordshire-based ANDREW GARVEY picks some of his county's spookiest ghost tales from the Victorian era

The Other Bram Stoker, a man of many talents

ANDREW GARVEY looks at Bram Stoker's non-Dracula writing activities

5 strange Victorian deaths that’ll make you laugh and cry

ANDREW GARVEY gives us a few more odd Victorian deaths

The Gruesome Death of Robert Wilfred Skeffington Lutwidge

Fisherton House Asylum
ANDREW GARVEY reports on the gruesome murder of Lewis Carroll's uncle,

The Jack the Ripper Show

Jack the Ripper
Within months of the Jack the Ripper murders, Whitechapel entrepreneurs were keen to make a quid from it, says ANDREW GARVEY

Victorian Lunatic Asylums – The Living Tombs!

ANDREW GARVEY looks at the horrors that lurked within the tragic world of Victorian mental healthcare.


Hull: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Historian MIKE COVELL gives us his five haunted places to visit in Hull

Was Dracula’s Guest a prequel to Dracula?

Dracula's Guest
KAJA FRANCK ponders whether the Dracula's Guest short story was really a prequel to Dracula

Are Paranormal Orbs Real, Or Just A Load Of Balls?

Paranormal Orbs
ANN MASSEY takes a look at the phenomenon of Paranormal Orbs and asks, “are they just a load of balls?” 

The Canterville Ghost: Oscar Wilde’s Gothic Parody

A scene from The Canterrville Ghost 1944
DR KAJA Franck looks at Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost, a case of when Gothic parody met American sensibility

Shadows Episode Guide: 1970s Anthology Series

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES guides us through the creepy Thames TV anthology series, Shadows