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Wexford is a county located in the southeast of Ireland, known for its stunning coastline, rich cultural heritage, and eerie legends of ghostly apparitions and haunted ruins.

Wexford articles on Spooky Isles


Five Qualities of a Great Ghost Hunter: How to become a top paranormal researcher

ghost hunter qualities
DAVID SAUNDESON talks about the five qualities that make a great ghost hunter.

Why does Jack the Ripper still matter?

JON REES says the 125th anniversary of the Whitechapel Murders gives us an unique opportunity to explore the dark side of London history

5 Missing British Horror Films

Maria Marten and the Mystery of the Red Barn 1913
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES laments the lost of some classic British horror films

Ouija: The Mystifying Oracle?

Ouija Board
DEBORAH CONTESSA looks at the history of Ouija boards and her own experiences with the mysterious communication tool

The Selkie Wife of Scotland

Selkies are beautiful Scottish sea creatures. JON KANEKO-JAMES says you can make wives out of them if you can find them without their skin
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