White Lady Of Oystermouth Castle, Wales


A sobbing ghostly woman in white haunts the ruins of Oystermouth Castle, JON REES reports 

Overlooking the popular tourist hotspot of Mumbles, five miles outside of Swansea city centre, lie the ruins of Oystermouth Castle.
This 12th century fortress homed the Lords of Gower for hundreds of years and was their favoured residence, as well as being the finest castle on the Gower Peninsula.
In the dungeons of this magnificent ruin lies a whipping post, and it is this macabre relic that perhaps relates to the castles longest occupant.
For many years there have been tales of the White Lady, a sobbing spectre who wanders the castle walls and grounds in a ripped white dress revealing bloody wounds on her back.
She has been seen many times by visitors to the castle, dog walkers and picnicking families, each of whom relates a familiar story.
A woman dressed all in white silently sobbing, who turns from the witnesses to display her back covered in fresh lacerations – as if she had recently been whipped.
Moments later she will dissolve into nothingness.

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