Gwent Paranormal Group discovers Incubus demon sex attacks in Wales


JONATHON SCOTT, of Gwent Paranormal Group, describes the team’s first investigation, which turned out to be a sex demon haunting

Jonathan and Tammie Scott from Gwent Paranormal Group
Jonathan and Tammie Scott from Gwent Paranormal Group

We were contacted by a woman who sounded anxious & uncertain which way to turn.

She told us there was something at her house that was attacking her (S), her 17 year old daughter (G) & 19 year old niece (L) when she visits which was most of the time.

The type of activity S alleged was clothing and pictures on the walls suddenly flying at them any time day or night, the vacuum cleaner turned on without even being plugged in, being scratched by an unseen entity in the shower, feeling sexually molested by an unseen entity and hearing footsteps in empty rooms and hallways.

S told us that it followed her to friends and family members houses and attacked her there but not to such a degree.

Because of this, we all agreed it would be best if S, G and L were present while we investigated.

We arrived at about 1930, were greeted by S and led into the kitchen where she had prepared refreshments.

Tammie (who is my wife and co-founder and leader of the paranormal team) and J listened to the claims of activity while myself and D set up, placed trigger objects and swept the property for EMF taking pictures as we did.

S told us there Moses basket in the attic that was there when she moved in and she was always ‘creeped out’ by it so D asked the neighbours if they had a set of steps we could borrow for the night so we could get into the attic.

D and myself climbed into the attic, located the Moses basket, started taking pictures and did an EVP session up there.

While we were setting up there were knocks, bangs, what sounded like growls and footsteps all over the upstairs of the house.

We had the feeling we were being watched in the living room, spare/junk room, G’s bedroom, the boiler cupboard and the bathroom – it even looked like there was a black smokey mass hovering above the bath but faded when anyone entered.

After the EVP session in the attic, myself and D joined everyone else in the kitchen for some refreshments when Tammie felt a presence in the hallway so she and I went to investigate.

There was a really loud bang upstairs which made the whole house shake followed by heavy running footsteps thumping the whole length of the upstairs landing towards the stairs.

We witnessed the stairs shaking as if someone was running down them.

Then Tammie (who was standing at the bottom of the stairs) gasped, stiffened and moaned loudly before grabbing hold of me and nearly collapsed. I helped her back to the kitchen and sat her down and asked her what happened.
“It ran right through me. Big, fast, furious. It ran through me. That was quite a shock, it hurt.”

She said after she caught her breath.

After that, not much else happened.

We felt the presence of a middle aged man and young boy in the living room, caught a couple of orbs moving across the room.

The black mass in the bathroom had gone but the spare/junk room still felt uneasy, as if we didn’t belong there.

We continued investigating until roughly 0230, there was the odd bang but we put that down to heating pipes, the neighbour wasn’t helping by having his TV volume so high we could hear it in half the house and we did think we caught a few faces in the mirror in G’s bedroom but put that down to matrixing when we reviewed the evidence.

Since that investigation S has been on the phone to us a number of times saying the activity is still there, do we know what it is and can we do anything about it?

The only thing research led us to was an incubus, described as an evil male demon that attaches itself to a specific woman or family and sexually attacks the woman or women in that family.

We did a second investigation, put S in touch with her local priests to bless the house but they just blamed G by saying she is telekinetic and subconsciously causing it.

We did a few of our Wiccan cleansing and purification rituals around the house but they had little or no effect.

As far as we know these women are still living with this menace in their home, a menace they can do nothing about.

The activity has since reduced significantly but not ceased, it is now down to a level that S, G and L are managing to cope with.


  1. Hi, my nana and mother were gypsy mystics and brought me up that way and have dealt with this kimd of stuff before with much sucsess, i would advise to get a strong willed person to burn old news papers in each room and say the our father, ask an ancient spirit to protect you by leaving and offering on your door step. Usually lilies or tulips and utter a small prayer for help when you lay the flowers. All of this should remove the spirit. If ylu need any help or advice please email me!


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