Gwydir Castle Hotel Phantoms: A Haunted Guide

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Gwydir Castle Hotel’s reputation as one of Wales’ most haunted places is well deserved, says RICK HALE

Gwydir Castle

Located on 10 acres in the picturesque Conwy Valley is Gwydir Castle Hotel, a Grade I listed Tudor courtyard house built in the 16th century.

Long before Gwyndir was a hotel it was the ancestral home of the powerful Wynn family.

The hotel may have hosted many royal visitors, such as Charles I and George V, it is the many ghosts said to haunt it’s corridors that is the real draw.

The History Of Gwydir Castle

The history of Gwydir Castle and the battles that were fought on the surrounding land goes back beyond the shadowy mists of time.

In 610 CE, Llywarch Hen fought a desperate battle on the site resulting in the deaths of countless warriors.

Three hundred years later in 954 CE, the kingdoms of Gwynedd and Deheubarth clashed swords and fought a major battle.

With these two ancient battles resulting in bloodshed has led many in this region of Wales to believe the land is cursed. And the dead wander for all time. 

And despite Gwyndir Castle being an oasis of architectural beauty in this rugged landscape, it appears to have not been spared the curse.

Haunting Of Gwydir Castle Hotel

If you were to ask anyone who resides in the Conwy Valley what is the most haunted place in this region of Wales, chances are they will say Gwydir Castle. And that reputation is well deserved.

So many ghosts are said to haunt this castle, it’s damn near impossible to keep a proper count.

So in the interest of time and space, we’ll take a look at only a handful of phantoms that call the castle home.

Gwydir Castle

The Ghost Room

Behind the panelling of the North wing, between the Hall of Meredith and the Great Chamber, a room was discovered the residents have dubbed “the ghost room.”

It is there that Gwydir Castle’s most famous ghost known as the grey lady has been encountered.

Before the grey lady of Gwydir Castle manifests, a horrendous stench that some have remarked smells like rotting flesh fills the room.

Although no one can say with any certainty who this dreadful ghost is, one theory has been offered that just may explain who she was in life.

According to a local legend Sir John Wynn, while I’m his youth, seduced a young chambermaid.

As the secret affair progressed, the maid began to demand more from the young nobleman. She wanted to marry him and become the lady of the house.

Wynn, panicked and rather than give into her demands, he murdered the girl and walled  up her lifeless corpse behind the wall of the North wing.

In recent years, the apparition of the grey lady has not been seen, but rather her presence is felt along with the stench that turns the stomachs of whomever is unlucky enough to smell it.

Gwydir Castle Hotel Phantoms: A Haunted Guide 1

Sir John

The second most active ghost in Gwydir Castle is Sir John Wynn himself.

Allegedly on his death bed sir John came clean about the murder of his lover and made a full confession of his heinous crime.

Typically confession is good for the soul, but not so for Sure John Wynn. Coming clean did nothing to ease his guilt.

Sir John Wynn is regularly seen roaming the castle with a look of deep sadness on his face.

The Ghost Dog

While excavating the cellar in 1995, workmen made a peculiar discovery.

Buried underneath the floor was the intact skeleton of a dog that more than likely was buried there centuries earlier.

Since that time, the ghost of a friendly dog is seen wandering the castle. When people go to pet the pooch they soon discover their hand passes through it. They then watch as he abruptly vanishes.

The Funeral Procession

And lastly, a ghostly funeral procession has been witnessed during full moons on the Great Terrace not far from St John’s Arch. 

No one really knows who the solemn and silent procession is for but as it draws near to the house the procession fades away. Melting into the dark of night.

Gwydir Castle Hotel is a private home but will not turn away a visiting person seeking a comfy bed and a warm meal.

And when you are not hunting the ghosts inside the castle you can explore the Conwy Valley and its many haunting legends.

Have you seen a ghost at Gwydir Castle? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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