Yvette Fielding Raises Spirits With Ghost Hunter Chronicles Books


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Yvette Fielding puts her paranormal know-how to good use in her Ghost Hunter Chronicles series, writes JOANNA HAGUE

Yvette Fielding's The Ghost Hunter Chronicles
Yvette Fielding’s The Ghost Hunter Chronicles

Known as the first lady of paranormal, Yvette Fielding has been investigating the paranormal for over 30 years, best known for her TV programme Most Haunted.

She has also been writing books centred around the paranormal for over 18 years. Her first books were detailed accounts of the investigations featured on Most Haunted.

But in 2019, she brought out her first novel, Archie the Ghost Hunter. In 2021, she released her first book, The Ghost Hunter Chronicles, and it was amazing.

The Ghost Hunter Chronicles

The House in the Woods  (2021)

The House in the Woods is the first instalment in the series, and it focuses on three best friends, Eve, Clovis and Tom, who stumble onto the paranormal after they experiment with a Ouija board in a house one night and are followed home by a ghost.

They followed Eve’s Uncle Rufus on an investigation to discover who the spirit was.

The journey takes them to a house in the woods with WW2 history. The journey takes them to the basement, and they discover more than artefacts when a ghost appears to them.

This then sparks their induction into the Society of Paranormal Investigation, an institution dedicated to paranormal research.

Yvette Fielding
Yvette Fielding

The Ripper of Whitechapel (2022)

Book two in the series is called The Ripper of Whitechapel, which was released in 2022.

Once again, armed with various gadgets, Uncle Rufus has made the friends Eve, Clovis and Tom investigate a haunting at a school. The head teacher is visibly shaken when he sees the ghosts of two children in his office.

The Society of Paranormal Investigations, or SPI for short, gets involved and sends the three friends to find out who these children are.

It soon becomes apparent that the children are being chased by the ghost of the Ripper, and this investigation becomes their most dangerous yet.

When Tom has to enter the veil to save the children and stop the ripper, will he be able to return home?

The Witches of Pendle (2023)

The third book is The Witches of Pendle, which was released last month. It’s about a family moving to a cottage in Pendle, and after a storm, the young boy finds a glass bottle in an upturned tree.

When it is opened, something is released and is out for revenge. Meanwhile, on a trip with his family, Tom witnesses the apparition of a lady falling from the roof of Lancaster Castle. The ghost he saw was Jennet Device.

The SPI are contacted, and soon the friends are united, and along with Uncle Rufus and Boris the dog, they set off in search of the truth.

I have met Yvette a couple of times, and she is just as lovely as she appears on TV. We have spoken about writing and what might possibly be coming in the next instalment.

The Ghost Hunter series is suitable for both young readers and adults alike, and I could not recommend it enough.

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