What is the London Stone?

London Stone

Spooky London Pubs is heading to The London Stone for its regular meetup on 27th July. Here JON KANEKO-JAMES tells us why the stone the pub was named after is so crucial to the national’s health and prosperty!

The London Stone, most recently a feature in a Cannon Street cricket supplier, is now once more in danger as the building that houses it is under threat from redevelopment. It isn’t much to look at: just a piece of scarred white stone with traces of mortar. Little would you know that should it be harmed, the whole country would be destroyed.

Author: Jon Kaneko-James

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  1. eh, what crap. would be a great article if you posted your sources. But you are piling mythology upon mythology. Its the first time I have ever even heard of the stone! You'd have better chance finding the Holy Grail. Its like reading an article from a mag for teens in the 70's…. Where's the evidence…. Fairy Tales…..

  2. Forget the critics – this is good folklore, and without folklore we would have no culture! More power to ya!

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